*cough* Hurmmm


Never watched house yet. ._____.

Hongfire... lol

Hongfire... lol

That’s like 2 years since I’d been there.

And a few months since I logged in to TSF. Dropped my ex-teachers a seasonal greeting PM (even though most of them aren’t chinese, if not all).

I miss them. The lectures, the scoldings, the time, effort, and care they put on me back then. I was too naive, ignorant, and foolish.

I missed the chance as after Year 2 things gonna be very cramped. Barely have enough time to do logs, if I really have to.

And now sUBs came out with some new diagnosis again. Cool. Doesn’t run on Vista Ultimate 64bit tho. It even gives me a ‘version unsupported’ message lol. Epic.

They teached me net-etiquette. Politeness, humble, kind, willingness to help other people. They are the greatest people I’d met, in the internet. Sometimes you tend to know really good people at very awkward places lol.

I hope that everyone is doing well in TSF Security Team. =) esp sUBs.

In case you haven’t notice, I am dedicating this post to the folks back in TechSupportForum. All the best, may the community grow, fight malware for life!

Hopefully I can join back the scene… haha.

Let time tell I guess.

Yours sincerely,


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