Hmmm *rubs chin*


Now Playing — Madagascar – I Like To Move It Move It


I know I know XD

It’s 3AM in the morning and I’m not supposed to be active and sleeping ady. XD

Powers of rapidshare! Woohoo =3 Too bad torrents are slow, can’t use Demonoid >D MYT Down, too bad also. Nothing there also besides RZ (Restricted Zone). = =

So here’s day 1 for you. KTHXBAI.

*moves head along the music*


Told you it’s over. Kthxbai ady. Still here reading for what? Lol.

Anyway, CNY isn’t anything grand. I woke up at 12, then had some chinese desserts, and had lunch. Meh, movies, movies, movies. Chat chat chat. Stuck at home. DotA DotA DotA. Lose a lot of matches today, only won two, grandly with ellokawan and gang. Oh, my mentor. My first AM with zero death (minus 1 that I purposely jump into the fire fountain during end game and shout GG) *if you read my blog, now you know how to use GG =P*


I think smacky is rushing Prison Break. I still haven’t rush House. Didn’t manage to get Heroes, and yeah Prison Break got additional episodes… wtf… Last season omg. Nuu why this season end I want them to prolong D= oh well muahahah I wanna see how they get rid of scylla anyway.

Hmm change song. Downloaded randomly from RS too (utilise bandwidth xD)

Now Playing — Eminem – Sing For The Moment

Waa black musicccccc. *cough* So?

Watched Journey to the centre of the earth (that reflected something to me), Bolt (touched me-self-omg-wtfbbqsauseonpasta).

I need to come up with a routine. Gonna get it down.

Hmm this year’s CNY is really… well what you call like a normal day. No more inbox spam, no more phone calls, no more visiting, denial of existance. Lol.

I better sleep now lah. If not I’ll be even worse off compared to now later.

Ah yeah DUMeter is sexy =) and it’s green too! OMG almost everything in my taskbar is green… go green for environment xD



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