Stars Before Sleep


Now Playing — 이루마 / Yiruma – Stars Before Sleep 별이 지기 전에

Ah. I think I miss uni life. Or maybe my bed in which 4am in the morning when I look out at the window and I can see stars before sleep.

I don’t want it to pass like the previous 9 years. Or at least make it worth while and memorable, to an extend.

I chatted with my friend, he just came back from Taiwan a few days ago. Well as usual all the ‘weird’ talks we’d been having since the day I knew him. He was one of the first few that I talked about the weird-town mentality crisis lol. Ok lah maybe not something as grand as RM9 or something but yeah.

Probably due to the fact that he’s one of the few that are from an independent school, we beg to differ sometimes.

So long story cut short, I’m not alone. Lol. Nothing to be proud of, just another case of the awakened fool.

Oh I miss Jeevan’s wooden plank that he use to cover the ‘mess’ he did when he cracked the wooden door with his forehead (don’t ask me how he did it, he’s teh juggernaut, so… *shrug*) *lol*

Been sms-ing Kwang whilst at the boring and not-much-to-shout-out wedding dinner, and that wanker is still going strong (I mean financially lol). Well it’s all good Kwang, I mean for you lah. Steady saja. Lol. If you really got *ahem* the ‘fish’, I wonder how much you have to feed the ‘Koi’. =P Muahhahahaha.

They say, new year, new aspirations, new life, new stuff, new happenings. I am ‘so’ looking forward to it man. CNY is just another few days of holidays to me. Unless that dude from Singapore decides to bump my ass, and prove me wrong. Or maybe get me a new tangkai since I’d lost mine.

Well that explains why am I stuck in front of my laptop 10 minutes before a new day starts. Lol.

I was browsing through Codemasters, and saw those really excellent people in their speech. Totally speechless. *nix environment mastery level 10 I guess? Lol. M$ users, *nix users, codefreaks, gurus, whatever-you-call it. Man, I wonder when will I reach their standard. Or rather if only they provide the stairs towards that direction in where I am now. Catch the drift.

Ah, it doesn’t mean that the others died off just like that, there’s still quite a bunch of noobs, newbies, wannabes (me), stupid-idiots, <you name it> lingering around here and there.

Sometimes I think that if you’re good at understanding people, are you really good at tapping your own frequency then?


I am back to my life previously, April 2008. For the time being.

Meanwhile, since it’s a new year, purging, rewiring, etc is inevitable. I have to make it happen.

Fingers crossed for that. Whatever it takes, I’m gonna make it happen.

“For the offsprings and children” — Guest18, LYN (You have been rickrolled! =D)

Anyway, I’m gonna savour what I can (dunno if I use it correctly later check LOL). ellokawan’s rollcall for DotA (good ol’ days man…).


Happy Chinese New Year btw. Lol. GXFC to all.

… and yeah, be it sad or happy, it’s new year afterall. So to all out there, screw what you’re facing, enjoy every moment of it.



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