I can’t help it


I’m hungry and I ate the whole roll of Oreos. Lol.

At 2am. Geez.

Lapar-lah. What to do?

Driving is fun. *dances around* but not when your parents are in the car, and you have to obey to the speed limit (looks down drawing circles).

But being a bastard on a road is fun when you meet another bastard, i.e. he tries to overtake you on the left you speed off on the right la. Lol.

Of course, consider the consequences of doing so before contemplating later on after something happened.

Ok that’s random.

So, I didn’t perform to my cousin sister, but niece instead. = =

Oh well. *shrug*

Like seriously, who would get married before CNY… lol.

Tired. Gotta hit the sack.

If it’s not apparent enough, assumption works as well.

Oh so much for DotA hiatus.



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