I saw, but not foresee



I wish I saw that pair of hummingbird earlier. It happened a day before my last exam. They sing, they dance, but they don’t steal things. xD

I’ll post shades of grey later, that is if my wordflow is not clogged. Ah yeah upgraded to Streamyx combo, 3 working days.

Oh well.

I never knew birds can be that beautiful.

Shades of gray, white, and black.
Reminiscing, contemplating, the all so same colors.
Oh how long since the last it changed,
A day, a week, a year maybe?
The train ride, cold and blurry,
You see your past, the moment you look through the window.
Look forward, and see the present. Look at the present, and see the past.
Motions blurred, the same shades.
Along the movement of the iron-carriage,
so does the things go past by,
with all the temporary images and eye-captive objects.

Ah, it looks so familiar.
The air, the colors, the shades of gray.
The ever so nostalgic setting,
which still stood still until today.
I see age and dullness everywhere,
minus the protruding signs and modernization of signboards,
it is all the same.

The faithful iron-horse I rode,
each day, with unwavering faith and trust,
coughs through time, and getting tired after each turn,
is still on the course.

Ah, a sense of tranquil I hope?
No it’s not, but louder than a boiling pot,
It’s more than what I can cope.

The scorching sunburn,
without fail everyday,
will make you toss and turn,
and even sway.
So much for artificial cooling,
and running circles,
which gives me the feeling,
that everyone else might think and cling,
the ever so secluded mentality and experience,
differs so much from the metropolis ambience.

It was not this way all along,
till something fade the colors away,
I always sing it like a song,
till I finally make my way.

I see, hope, colors, and warmth.
I see everything, the compare, and contrast.
I see the depth, the width, and the height.

I kiss the rain, flirt with the wind.
Sprinkle some of it here and there,
and wait for the sun to shine,
Between the clouds, it exists.
The silver lining, and the long-lost colors.

Like proving logic statements,
soundness and completeness,
it goes both ways.
Like a mirror reflection,
darkness and brightness,
it goes hand-in-hand.
Like the click and clank of the ‘memory framer’,
looks in and looks out,
it happens coherently.

I tried, I tried, and I tried.
Repainting what that is long lost,
Only to find it gone with the wind.
I cried, I cried, and I cried.

Even it exists, for a short time,
at least it’s there, for everyone to see,
before the shades of gray take place.
It colored my life, and showed me places which I never been to,
in which no one brave man will dare to go front and lead me to.
It took its time and pace,
came to me, and whispered to me “this time”.

I wonder what it feels like,
if I would ever and ever be able to embrace it again.

Long for it, is what I did.
Catch it, and clasp it tight.
Prudent as it seems.
Ah, Yearned for it as I always do.
The sin of not appreciating it well…
Also the lost of its incandescence.
All the Cheer and laughter,
the ever happy smile,
makes me willingly to frame it up,
Preserve it, embracing it till end of time.
The person’s name is in this paragraph too.



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