Dang Dung Dang Dang Dung Duuung Dang Dang Dunnng


Theory 11 vids’s BGM. xD Damn addictive.

Anyway, sup from Ampang. Just came back from somewhere high.

Unfortunately, my right knee isn’t lifting that high after all.

Ok la maybe I’ll post later la. Rest my hands.

What will you do when the whole world tells you the opposite of what you feel and what you wanna do?

Cards at my fingertips. AC.

Lol it’s been a while since I last smoked invisible cigarette with matches. *wags eyebrow to Daniel oh wait he doesn’t read my blog xD*

I wonder how’s Daniel-the-arsonist-botak-chin working in Loreal onow. Mua-ha-ha-ha-… hah.

… and what can be more fun than performing to the shopkeeper that sells china-made props instead of imported props, lol. Maybe seeing a genuine pure smile on someone’s face is.

as per the title says, everything is in place until I’m out of place. Wait, you can’t see it?


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