Now Playing — Leona Lewis – Better In Time.

I guess replacing the mischievous smile with beautiful, cheerful, ever-so-heart-melting smile would be more appropriate.



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  1. Life_House Says:


    ur blog site is strikingly amazing. ur graphics, ur writing style, ur ways of thinking r juz so unique. Such a difference from d way u write in LYN . haha …

    Good. Keep it up.

    i have yet to browse thru the rest of sections in ur blogs ‘koz short of time … but i will continue reading it in nest few days ..

    btw, happy CNY. Though i absolutely understand that u’re juz not so happy. Me too; but trying my best to show d positive side of mine so as to help others to be positive …

    cheer up, man.

  2. Life_House Says:

    P/S : u like reading ?

  3. eXPeri3nc3 Says:

    Graphics are not mine, most of the time. Lol.

    But yeah thanks for the praise. Haha.

    … and thanks for the moral support. It’s such an honour to see you here. Haha.

    p/s — I dislike reading, but it’s all gonna change.

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