So much for trying to move away from Good-Guy Syndrome. xD

Direct kena shoot dy. Lol.

Anyway, freaking full now. Should have look at the macha and say enough enough rice besides stoning at my hp.  /_ Penuh.

But first time trying banana leaf rice la. Quite nice lor.

Haha. I just realised that if you really open your eyes, see, and smile, the world does feel slightly a bit better than usual regardless of what that’s happening around you.

*cough* Oh ya this post is not narcism. Lol.

1 more to go. Ya man.

KL Sentral is… kinda… damn nvm. Took me quite a while to realise all the hidden corners. No wonder that time I cannot find it. = =

At the very least, now I know where the train is. Anything wrong just run to the counter and yell for help xD Muahhaha.

These few days really tiring and stressful. Cramping WSDL SOAP and all that kind of stuff into my mind isn’t that fun afterall. I rather you give me a programming assignment and code my ass off man. Lol. Ok la maybe not CoQ but good enough.

Best things always happen in life when you really wish for it.

Someone showed me how true that can be.

Last night. Hmmm. Good god I manage to finish my notes by this morning and went for exams xD

… and also proves me correct. The statement is there for a reason.

“Are you a problem to the solution or the solution to the problem?”

… talk about splendid splurge of highly-visual-impressive words man… respects to the one who did it. *rolls eyes*

I have to be congruent with myself afterall.

I WANT PB MAN T__T I still remember the first time I saw it on national TV. Dad say don’t watch because SPM. Like wtf. = = I actually got hooked on because of the tattoo and the gambling scene xD xD *season 1* Then when I watched it when I got it thanks to Vailancer then I’m like DUDE I WANT EVERYTHING XD

Still got 24 to watch, Moonlight Resonance gotta take it from him (yes I know I’m slowpoke), Heroes (I’m giving it a chance due to the fact that the fan base isn’t that small afterall so I’m willing to prove myself wrong, IF possible. LOL), House (OMG), the random movies I haven’t finish, some materials like audiobooks and stuffs, hmmm.

Lucky Star xD

Oh shi- gotta watch no wai- gotta sleep @@ zzz

Till then, nites world, even though it’s 3:43pm.

*and so I wish…*



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