… and watching you walk away~


Now Playing — Cascada – What Hurts The Most Yanou’s Candlelight Mix

OMG first of all thank you Viruz019 a.k.a. Michael Chau for sending me his collection of Cascada What Hurts The Most Original RIP man! You’re the best! =D Trance kia~ *high 5*

Oh ya I think now I have the full collection of What Hurts The Most from Rascal Flats to Cascada and Bellefire. Muahhahaah.

Anyway, nice song. But kinda emotional song too. Lol.

Hmmmm oh well *shrug* most of my songs are sentimental and emo anyway xD

Oh new song =3

Now Playing — Daniel Powter – Best of Me

I’m missing the owner of the red pair of crocs. The catchy color and design of it. Dazzling.

I’m freaking tired after exam, but I can’t sleep. Now I think after mamak session can sleep gua. xD Haha.

My DotA hiatus spree broke today. Rofl. So long never touch man. I’m so proud yet paiseh as I manage to stop my craze, but deterioriated like shit. Lol. *shrug* Big deal la. CoD4~

Meh I still remember DotA as my medium of releasing stress, occupy my summer holidays (yes… if you still remember), and communication tool. Lol. It works both way anyway xD Hahaha.

Ok XML here I come.

The Art of Not Taking Things Too Seriously FTW. Daniel Madison flourishes = pwnz roxxor ❤ ❤ nice. Learning it >D

Let’s see… I wonder what’s waiting for me during Chinese New Year. That fella is heading back to Malaysia, so prolly I’ll get dragged up to Taiping or Ipoh. Hmmmm. Oh well gotta meet up those guys anyway. I’ll ask Kim and see if he bash up the other retards or not. I’m glad he smashed that fellas head anyway. Lol. Like I care.

Betrayal is death.

Speaking of which what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger I guess. But then it also means pain = pleasure and vice versa. Lol.

Flourishes with speed + agility = hours and hours of stretching fingers inflicting pain to your nerves

Accurate in basketball = hours and hours of sweat, banging here and there, pump it up, aiming, practice = pain. Lol.

Need I say more? Haha.

I guess as long as one stays calm, look at the matter, take a deep breath, and look at it again, compose oneself, and embrace it. Which reminds me I saw this line in my lecture notes saying, “Accept change, and also embrace change”.

Now I know what I’m missing I guess.

I don’t really care at first, but now I do. As the matter of fact you wouldn’t know what the next second might bring you: anxiety, happiness, sadness, mourning, intense pain, trauma, laughter, jealousy (lol tell me about it), etc etc. Live as if you’re gonna die tomorrow.

No point looking back nor looking forward. Look at where you’re at now. You may plan, but God decides. Or nature. Or universe. Whatever you call it.

Problem with me is I don’t grasp opportunity and let it slip, over and over again, so god please make me change my mind XD (over and over again, don’t make me change my mind — Secondhand Serenade – Fall For You).

So, start function, ignore, see, grasp, do, get, attain, increment++, loop function xD

I guess absence does make the heart grow fonder.

Oh well I still have Mystery’s stuff to watch, and read, and print. Ahhh after exams.

Inner game here I come~ Often I realise it’s all a matter of perception. Viewpoints change everything. Every freaking thing. Depends on whether you can uphold what you see or perceive. Haha. That’s quite hard for me la sometimes. You know, you’re human afterall. Emotions are part of the inseperable ones. If you can do the impossible, you’re not human, demi-god or some sort.

BTW I look in the sky when I came back from mamak just now. Nice stars, nice light, I just love the moonrays at night. Peaceful. Not very bright. Mysterious, cold, and soothing. Tranquility I guess.

Serendpity -> Sendiripity xD

Ah, let’s just screw what other people think, just feel good, every single second of it. Regardless of the outcome. Afterall, we’re dying tomorrow anyway. xD



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