Random Facts


Directions : Once you’ve been tagged, you have to write a post with sixteen random things, habits or goals about you. At the end, choose five people to be tagged, listing their names and why you chose them. Don’t forget to leave a comment (“You’re tagged!”), and to read your blog, you can’t tag a person who tagged you. Since you can’t tag me, let me know when you’ve posted your blog, so I can see your weirdness.

Hmmm. First of all ‘thanks’ Kristy for tagging me lol. At least you still remember my existance. *teary eyes*

Fact One: I’m Alex and I’m in the game. (reminded me of NBA 2003 xD) Parents gave me this nick, I didn’t ask why, but it’s not too bad afterall cos you can call me Smart Alex *cough* *cough*.

Fact Two: I believe in miracles. Why? I make them.

Fact Three: What I am now for 19 years is the total opposite from what I was. Take 19, minus 10 and you’ll have 9. Yeah probably around there, lah.

Fact Four: Being the only child, I am used to solitude. It doesn’t hurt to have friends, but it doesn’t mean suicide when you don’t have any.

Fact Five: What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Be careful of what you wished for. Be grateful to those who have abandoned you, for they have taught you to be independent. Be grateful to those who have deceived you, for they have deepened your insight.

Fact Six: I have a decently good childhood, not until my parents decided to make me feel miserable about it and I screwed up my own life ever since.

Fact Seven: I am stupid and lazy. It’s a miracle that I can still stay in the first class since primary till secondary all these while that I slacked and didn’t do my homework (which resulted in my parents whacking me la duh).

Fact Eight: Loves almost all kinds of music, the weirder the better. Techno, Trance, Japanese Music (LOL), Piano, Instrument, Black Music, etc.

Fact Nine: Small town kid, a lot of dreams, aspiration. Lives in a totally different world from town people, which is called Kampar, well the place is nice, only the mentality of the people is a bit screwed up. Tasted poverty, never spent much money until I came to University. (lol).

Fact Ten: Very random, but, weird intuitions. Used to be able to see things (certain things which you can’t see. Yes, you).

Fact Eleven: Put me in a room with a deck of cards, a hot chick, or a rubik’s cube. I’ll shut up, and play cards / turn the rubiks.

Fact Twelve: I keep porn to make sure that I’m straight. Lol.

Fact Thirteen: Hates people who calls people egoistic when they themselves can’t see the fact that their ego is overflowing > 9000 cm/s

Fact Fourteen: I am naive, hommie, and unexposed.

Fact Fifteen: I get lost in reality pretty easy.

Fact Sixteen: Asks “What is the meaning to life?”, “Why are humans imperfect the way that we are perfect?”, “Why are there negative feelings which caused the humility of humanity?”

Fact Seventeen: Habit ah… let’s see. Laze on my bed? XD

Fact Eighteen: No matter how mundane a task is, if I’m really obsessed with it, literally obsessed, I will do it over and over again until something or someone manage to change my mind. Lol. Call me possesive, I don’t mind.

Fact Nineteen: At 19 years old of my life, I really manage to see the different socio-status between mankind, the mentality, the lifestyle, education, peers, attitude, <insert here>, that life is unfair that the way it is fair.

Fact Twenty: I’m not interested about anything else around the world. I mean, if humanity were to take a step back, look at themselves, and see what’s happening to themselves, change it, and make yourself a better person, create less trouble for you and other people, would the world be surrounded by what we are supposed not to have right at this moment? Humanity is overrated. ‘We are captives of our own negativity’, paraphrased from T-Bag, Prison Break Season 4.

p/s Shit forget to take it from Corny. Meh /_\

I tag…

Whoever that’s interested in doing it. I ish understanding. For the bored, for the lulz, for whatever your reason is, you’re more than welcomed to do this tag.


One Response to “Random Facts”

  1. untapd Says:

    You, are one interesting personality =)

    – Maria

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