Happy New Year


Bye 2008, Hi 2009.



Now Playing — One Republic – Say (All I Need)

I thought of this, random 5 songs, that will be my new year resolution. I wonder what kind of weird stuff will come out. Let’s try *evil grin*

“So called” new year resolution: (Japanese songs BGM not counted)

  1. Black Eyed Peas – Let’s Get It Started (5)
  2. Atomic Kitten – The Tide Is High (10)
  3. Nirgilis – Snow Kiss (8)
  4. Natasha Bedingfield – Angel (10)
  5. 郭富城 – Para Para Sakura (3) [facepalm.jpg]

Geez dance dance revo meh. Lol.

Ok la reso:

  1. Start to study smart, and play hard, and score in every single part. *it rhymes!*
  2. Pump up inner game, outer game, evict wussy, <insert teh term here>
  3. Valentine Day Kissu~ (Lucky Star)
  4. Lol lol. Aku guai zhai. Lol. (shit I memang guai = =)
  5. Complete all of the above, and do the numa numa dance *shakes here and there*

So much for new year resolution. xD

Ok la, after today, bantai kaw kaw!

Let’s go for it shall we? =)

*Frag out!* *prone*

Well on a more serious note, let’s just hope that this year will be a good one la. Period. No point talking bout it if everything you do is… well more or less fruitless? Lol.

Frankly speaking, this time I’m super determined. Just that, I think that if it goes on, from this rate, I really scared that I really cannot think straight anymore. Or else, what can I do. *shrugs*

Dad really said that if I really screw up this time, it’s ok. [Hell, it’s not ok dad, screwing up isn’t a choice regardless of what you say lol].

I can make it.

I must.

Just like what I did for the previous 19 years of my life. Shall not elaborate more unless to closer friends. Lol. =3

Now, if only Saber is really my Guardian Angel xD *lalala*


— edit

Yamazaki Masayoshi – One more time, one more chance (freaking emo song wei). Lol.



Another edit: Lol.

Downloaded Step Up 2: The Streets, Hannibal Rising, Dream (Korean), South Park Season 1,2,3,4, & the movie, t11 classic change (OOPS =w)

Random thought: Ya know if my saber would suddenly move and slash me with her Avalon, I will put her into a cookie jar and ebay her? XD

Ok la at the end of the day, just fucking tapao Automata, start Coq and SA&SD. KNS. Lol.

Then let ‘nature’ take its course. All the best *Crosses Fingers*

** > 9000 edit




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