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Uh… huh.

January 31, 2009

Dream (Bi-mong) 2008.

I watched what I downloaded a few weeks ago before exam, and somehow there’s a tiny sense of regret. Lol. The last 30minutes made me feel like 30days and I want it to be over. Lol. Afterall come to think of it the ending is not THAT bad…

It’s still bad.


I forgot the fact that Korean people are pretty much uber melancholic when it comes to Korean movies. I wonder why I downloaded it at the first place. Lol.

Probably because I’m attracted to it. Reading tuckie’s blog after this movie isn’t helping at all.

See this

Fuck you.
I hope you burn in hell.
I hope your dick will get chopped off in hell.
I hope your parents will die the next day.
I hope your children will marry some mch drug addict so that they can live a life like you.
I hope you cant control your lust and fuck your daughter in future.
I hope your wife cant control her lust and fuck your son in future.
I hope your mom and dad will die of AIDS tonight.
I hope you’ll get infected and suffer rest of your life.
I hope your mom will perform a blowjob for you before she dies.
I hope your dad will perform an anal for you before he dies.
I hope your dick will get shorter day by day.
I hope your pubic hair will drop every single day.
I hope your wife will fucking bite your dick when she’s performing a blowjob for you.
I hope your wife will look for another man as your dick gets shorter day by day.
And yea, Malays are being hated cause of people like you exist.
I dont know why your Allah bring you here.
You fucking spoil the peace of the whole world.

Thank You

Poor dude. He got robbed in Port Dickson with a girl 3AM in the morning. Brightly lit, and you can’t fight the power of parangs.

So, life isn’t that bad after all.



Ahah, something to look forward to

January 31, 2009

Like finally. Lol =D

Well, it’s a new semester. Which means, no time to slack, gotta finish G52GRP (oh god don’t remind me), choose my subjects, study my ass off, maybe head on to the swimming pool to drown myself as a request from my dad, use angpao money which is just 2 angpaos this year to get a 1T HDD maybe, or a 4GB RAM for my faithful lappie Vostro™ and a 4GB SDMMC for Vista Superfetch =D

Well who knows what the future brings anyway… =D

If that can happen, anything can happen.

Oh yeah, please tell me you’re not reading this, as, I really don’t know that you’re 1988… *don’t kill me please*

So, all these while back then, when I was with the guys back in TTS2 clearing our hearts out, that was the best moment. Erm, okay, maybe Jon will know about it. Oh shi- Meeting you in hometown’s general hospital was a shock. *cough* Was never expecting that.

Guess I got used to the age factor… LOL. *ahem* well mixing with a bunch of old hags helps XD (*Jeevan, don’t kill me*). Kwang can’t kill me as I’m his personal computer technician XD Muahhaha (who knows he found a new one which is his co-worker and I’m screwed >D oh well~)

Ahah, try guessing what played from my Winamp… heh. It’s like, the more you use something, the better you know it, and subconsciously you’re drawn closer to it. Also, there’s like a line between you and it, which syncronises perfectly, or rather most of the time.

Lalalala is find my lalalalala~

Well I was talking to someone from a magic society *coughitsobviouscough* and apparently he gave me DM’s stuff for free since he’s happy. =O Tadaa, free stuff to dl. Then moments later while I’m DotA-ing (don’t ask, I should be CoD-ing xD) I check back at my msn (don’t ask too I haven’t change some settings) he left me a message saying Rapidshare Premium Account username xxxx password xxxx. Next sentence, have fun and *offline*.

So yeah, I dropped my jaw. Nice gift, at the wrong time. My line is… capped. To the sense that I get what I pay for, which is slow speeds. >D Oh well I think I can utilise it sometime somewhere else.

Someday someday~

Reminds me of Nickelback.

Oh let me try something cool. BRB *takes phone*

While transfering…

I miss Gunbound… rofl. Ok I ran out of words.

Apparently, my deck (the-one-that-fell-on-the-floor in-the-mamak-stall with-other-people’s-sweat dust-oil-deadcards-whatever) with fanning powder (lol), still can fan… nicely summore. I can’t do that on a brand new deck of cards. Gay. No, imba.

Yeah... as good as it can be, a magicians fan

Yeah... as good as it can be, a magician's fan

To me it looks very nice la. Others can do better la. And others might think that this is ugly too. Lol.

… and I present you, floating RM10 =D

Yeah I used superglue and a fan. =D

Yeah I used superglue and a fan. =D

If only it’s an animated GIF… LOL. Too lazy. No point also.

Alright, till next tiem D=

“Move your body and the heart will follow” — New felton sealed bottle untouched non-gimmicked. *pun intended*

So, if I trust my hips, swing to the music, I get high? >D

Like him…

I so dont believe that this is Tom Cruise man...

I so don't believe that this is Tom Cruise man...

Tropic Thunder FTW.

Ip Man FTW too.


503 Service Unavailable

January 30, 2009

Uh huh. So much for staying up late for it. >_>

Oh well.

Ah, nice 404 pages. Kewl.


[Tutorial] How to fix missing icon at taskbar

January 30, 2009

Well, this is my personal encounter, so yeah.

Back then that day I forgot what on earth happened, but when I wanna watch some random movies in my archive (oh trust me it’s not grand lol), I never fail to notice the missing ol’ ye faithful volume icon at the taskbar. Stop! If you don’t get it, look below, there *points*:

Look at the cute volume icon on the right =D
Look at the cute volume icon on the right =D

Yeah, that volume icon. I love Vista’s new volume functions compared to XP. I don’t know why but it takes sometime to get used to it, after the XP-Vista phase shift, but yeah I like the way that you can control various volume levels for various applications simultaneously.

Something went wrong somewhere, and poof it’s gone. I was frustrated. I went to the control panel, hoping to find the “show icon” function, and failed miserably. Recollecting my memory to which where the function was located back in XP, and it’s not there. I was like, screw it I’ll do it the hard way (since in Vista you can change the main volume provided that you have to access the Playback Devices > Speakers / Headphones > Properties > Volume Level. Pain in the ass, indeed.

A few days later, which was a few hours ago, I felt the randomness in me, and I decided to Google for a solution (always do… haha) Aha, smart Vista. Apparently from what I read, it’s a Vista problem, Vista users will have the chance to face it (it’s not a very troublesome thing but yeah) if you’re ‘lucky’. Microsoft is apparently noted of the problem and hopefully Windows 7 will get it of it (which I highly doubt since it’s still in process).

… and now I present you the epic solution to the problem (not-normal users friendly):

  1. Run “regedit” (Registry Editor)
  2. Find “iconstreams
  3. Delete all registry keys with names “IconStreams” and
    PastIconStreams” until “iconstreams” can no longer be found in the
  4. Restart Windows Vista
  5. Enable the missing icon using the usual method

In which, the path for my Vista Ultimate 64bit, is the following (note: might differ for machines)

HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Local Settings\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\TrayNotify

I deleted it, finish up all of my work, restart, and voila it still haven’t show up. No worries all you have to do, go to your taskbar, right click, click on Properties. Then head to Notification Area > Click on the one you want to show.

Oh yeah, this is the screenshot of a disabled function (which causes the icon(s) to disappear):

Note the disabled selection. =(
Note the disabled selection. >=(

I was like… wth?

Don’t worry, it’s M$ Windows. Lol. *burppppp*

… and no I don’t get paid for doing that. Have fun!


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3:33 AM

January 29, 2009

I am emo-ing.

Before proceeding, what you’re about to read is pure stereotypical view from the author with his emotional remarks, crude replies, sidetracked thinking, irrelevant facts, /a/non delivers, flamebait material, and pure rant.

Read at your own risk.


*cough* Hurmmm

January 28, 2009

Never watched house yet. ._____.

Hongfire... lol

Hongfire... lol

That’s like 2 years since I’d been there.

And a few months since I logged in to TSF. Dropped my ex-teachers a seasonal greeting PM (even though most of them aren’t chinese, if not all).

I miss them. The lectures, the scoldings, the time, effort, and care they put on me back then. I was too naive, ignorant, and foolish.

I missed the chance as after Year 2 things gonna be very cramped. Barely have enough time to do logs, if I really have to.

And now sUBs came out with some new diagnosis again. Cool. Doesn’t run on Vista Ultimate 64bit tho. It even gives me a ‘version unsupported’ message lol. Epic.

They teached me net-etiquette. Politeness, humble, kind, willingness to help other people. They are the greatest people I’d met, in the internet. Sometimes you tend to know really good people at very awkward places lol.

I hope that everyone is doing well in TSF Security Team. =) esp sUBs.

In case you haven’t notice, I am dedicating this post to the folks back in TechSupportForum. All the best, may the community grow, fight malware for life!

Hopefully I can join back the scene… haha.

Let time tell I guess.

Yours sincerely,

Hmmm *rubs chin*

January 27, 2009

Now Playing — Madagascar – I Like To Move It Move It


I know I know XD

It’s 3AM in the morning and I’m not supposed to be active and sleeping ady. XD

Powers of rapidshare! Woohoo =3 Too bad torrents are slow, can’t use Demonoid >D MYT Down, too bad also. Nothing there also besides RZ (Restricted Zone). = =

So here’s day 1 for you. KTHXBAI.


Stars Before Sleep

January 25, 2009

Now Playing — 이루마 / Yiruma – Stars Before Sleep 별이 지기 전에

Ah. I think I miss uni life. Or maybe my bed in which 4am in the morning when I look out at the window and I can see stars before sleep.

I don’t want it to pass like the previous 9 years. Or at least make it worth while and memorable, to an extend.

I chatted with my friend, he just came back from Taiwan a few days ago. Well as usual all the ‘weird’ talks we’d been having since the day I knew him. He was one of the first few that I talked about the weird-town mentality crisis lol. Ok lah maybe not something as grand as RM9 or something but yeah.

Probably due to the fact that he’s one of the few that are from an independent school, we beg to differ sometimes.

So long story cut short, I’m not alone. Lol. Nothing to be proud of, just another case of the awakened fool.

Oh I miss Jeevan’s wooden plank that he use to cover the ‘mess’ he did when he cracked the wooden door with his forehead (don’t ask me how he did it, he’s teh juggernaut, so… *shrug*) *lol*

Been sms-ing Kwang whilst at the boring and not-much-to-shout-out wedding dinner, and that wanker is still going strong (I mean financially lol). Well it’s all good Kwang, I mean for you lah. Steady saja. Lol. If you really got *ahem* the ‘fish’, I wonder how much you have to feed the ‘Koi’. =P Muahhahahaha.

They say, new year, new aspirations, new life, new stuff, new happenings. I am ‘so’ looking forward to it man. CNY is just another few days of holidays to me. Unless that dude from Singapore decides to bump my ass, and prove me wrong. Or maybe get me a new tangkai since I’d lost mine.

Well that explains why am I stuck in front of my laptop 10 minutes before a new day starts. Lol.

I was browsing through Codemasters, and saw those really excellent people in their speech. Totally speechless. *nix environment mastery level 10 I guess? Lol. M$ users, *nix users, codefreaks, gurus, whatever-you-call it. Man, I wonder when will I reach their standard. Or rather if only they provide the stairs towards that direction in where I am now. Catch the drift.

Ah, it doesn’t mean that the others died off just like that, there’s still quite a bunch of noobs, newbies, wannabes (me), stupid-idiots, <you name it> lingering around here and there.

Sometimes I think that if you’re good at understanding people, are you really good at tapping your own frequency then?


I am back to my life previously, April 2008. For the time being.

Meanwhile, since it’s a new year, purging, rewiring, etc is inevitable. I have to make it happen.

Fingers crossed for that. Whatever it takes, I’m gonna make it happen.

“For the offsprings and children” — Guest18, LYN (You have been rickrolled! =D)

Anyway, I’m gonna savour what I can (dunno if I use it correctly later check LOL). ellokawan’s rollcall for DotA (good ol’ days man…).


Happy Chinese New Year btw. Lol. GXFC to all.

… and yeah, be it sad or happy, it’s new year afterall. So to all out there, screw what you’re facing, enjoy every moment of it.



January 25, 2009


Bleach is having fillers again. *cracks fingers*

I saw Kiew Yau Fee on the train back that day.

I am amazed to what’s being presented to me.

Torrent and DDL speeds sucks here.

I am looking at a unique Felton bottle I bought sometime ago. I should start using it.

I should start the project.

… and yes, what you can’t see, doesn’t mean that it’s not there.


Gotta marathon my movies soon.

I walked randomly into a shop that day with Jon back in BVII, and I was intoxicated with that wonderful piece.

I miss my headphones as I left them back in my room = =|||

You can’t change class unless you rebirth. *cough*

Come to think of it, compared to others, I should be up and kicking.

So, yeah.

It’s on.


*Ah yeah.

De’vo, Brian Tudor, Daniel Madison, Lennart Green, Benjamin Earl, Andrei are not human. F-seriously.

*blinks in disbelief*

I can’t help it

January 25, 2009

I’m hungry and I ate the whole roll of Oreos. Lol.

At 2am. Geez.

Lapar-lah. What to do?

Driving is fun. *dances around* but not when your parents are in the car, and you have to obey to the speed limit (looks down drawing circles).

But being a bastard on a road is fun when you meet another bastard, i.e. he tries to overtake you on the left you speed off on the right la. Lol.

Of course, consider the consequences of doing so before contemplating later on after something happened.

Ok that’s random.

So, I didn’t perform to my cousin sister, but niece instead. = =

Oh well. *shrug*

Like seriously, who would get married before CNY… lol.

Tired. Gotta hit the sack.

If it’s not apparent enough, assumption works as well.

Oh so much for DotA hiatus.