4 Words


Be Warned — I Am F***ing Pissed


Yeah, really.

Sigh never mind la.


Chong Ee came over and saw my Chrome browser displaying LYN and asked me what’s my username… I direct slam back with “You talked to me before” and he still wanna ask for my nick… I give you lor. “eXPeri3nc3”. Happy? I know la you give me the wtf-look and said “really?” but yeah la that’s me. Ask me for the room downstair’s details that time but dunno I’m staying there. Damn funny right?

Then Roey came back with Quek with a 4870… RM1.2k. 

Quek ady bought the Core i7 that day…

Gamers… lol.

Forget it lah, being pissed also no use anyway, as if it’s gonna change anything. Lol like for fucks.

But now I know why there’s so many threads in there, because it’s not easy at the first place.

Lubed Rubiks is freaking smooth, me likey. =3

It’s  a two side of a coin, if I go LYP with them today I get to chill out (and worry waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more later). Then I stress up now but at least read up a bit. Lol. x_x

Never mind Chinese New Year coming soon anyway. I’ll look forward to go to Taiping, hopefully can go to the temple I vow-ed for.

Hmm while I’m at it here’s a piece of me:

Do you find rubiks interesting? No? Well I won’t be surprised as rubiks is just a 6 color sided cube where you can turn it around only what… nothing so interesting or intriguing bout it. Yeap true for most people. Lol. I find it… interesting somehow. Complexity of the mind, simplicity of algorithms (once you know how). 

Do you like to have the power within your fingertips? It will change according to your will, do whatever you want it to do, and get what you supposedly wanted to (unless you suck). Yeah I mean programming. Lol. Don’t worry the lines of codes won’t kill you, only the debugging part kills IMHO (well I’m still a newbie anyway so hardcore programmers  / elites / gurus sorry la).

Are you curious to look at the minor minor details of everything? I know I do. First thing I go into the house, of course I pray la to the whatever-god is inside (seriously) lol, greet the people inside, and look around all of the corners of the house (as if I’m looking for a blackspot in the CCTV, yeah really). What’s the first thing you will look at if you’re in the bank? If you’re looking at the CCTV, welcome to the club. Lol.

*oh btw The Store nearby CCTV have a major construction flaw in camera placing*

You have ESP? Lol.

I love o2jam. Yeah, I know beating at the dropping keys are boring and a bit too fast for some of the people, but hell it’s fun to me.

I like Gunbound too. Looking for the trajectory of the shot with AIMBOT (LOL) makes me wonder how the hell you make one.

You like breaking in to wireless systems?

You like messing around with commercial computer systems? *ahem ahem* Lol.

I love Kevin Mitnick’s motto.

Are you curious?

Are you a thinker?

Do you look at the subliminal?

Can you create miracles? 

Oh yeah hor. Now I see what’s in common for engineers and CS Students xD Quite a lot in common summore. Lol. After all we’re from the same faculty before this xD (pun intended).

Chims get 7A’s in PMR… Congrats =D *if you read this la, I forgot to link your blog lol*

Nat, drop me a message, I feel like ranting.

tan_pang, when you graduate from MRU? *oh wait I don’t think you read my blog so forget it xD*

… and yes my dear roomie if you’re back I have lots of stuff to tell. *raises eyebrow*

… and yes I miss Kung Yen very much because whenever I fail to understand something in relation to logic and maths, he’s the one I will seek for lol. xD I miss the times where he sleep over in the hall after LAN parties. Lol.

More like, cooking, playing, studying, project, etc. T_T Hurmmmmmm

HJ also. Both of them that went to UK also have very dark @@ <- yes panda eyes. Nocturnal due to the fact that they can forget bout sleep to rush assignments. Michael and others too. Me ah, I bantai only xD

Speaking of which I still remember last time that database assignment me and KY was over in Mic’s room with Bryan rushing till 7am. After submission really cannot tahan wei ady floating back to TTS 5 xD

31st of December. I met You Yuen from the forums, Confessions of A Broken Heart. Along with Tuckie and Yaozz. Tuckie FFK us for 6 girls that time, last 2 years during countdown, YY just got his car license, and Yaozz was not there yet. I ran out from my COUSIN SISTER’S WEDDING and my dad went O_O WTFFFFFFFFFFF <- yes; when he got to know that I’m going out with internet friends for countdown lol (first time that changes everything); so yeah.

I think I still remember Andy Gary and the few other ppl that we play the spray, some of the sprays got confiscated by the police that’s walking around, I manage to hide mine (that’s why it’s valuable it been through shitloads of events), and I sprayed Happy (tu numbers username in LYN) for fun lol. Then DotA at night, yumchar till morning. Go back his hse sleep at around 5am. Lol.

Second time me and Yaozz slept in his house like 1 year later, that time Tuckie came too. I went down Seremban purposely to find him, then went Jusco and I nervous never get down (I’m sensitive) so never got to see smacky (c-c-c-c-combo breaker!!!). Lol. I never knew she’s there, but… (censored).

Saw tuckie’s ex. Heard his story too. First song that played when I saw him first time at KTM Station in his Jazz after maintenance is Rihanna – Umbrella. LOL.

Then Yaozz memang ketagih DotA one. Oh wait back then I’m quite into it also. xD

Good ol’ times lah.

Come to think of it, if you lead a normal and dull life, miracles and freaking-weird-and-fun events will occur. =D



One Response to “4 Words”

  1. natakaasd Says:

    Nat, drop me a message, I feel like ranting.

    No problem. Leave me an offline message if you ever need a listening ear.

    I’m available, most of the time.


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