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First word — Jeevan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok I admit, I’m a lifeless geek, sitting in front of the laptop, surfing the internet, lurking around in forums, social networking sites, emails, rss, technotes, random stuffs, google.com. I am stupid, ignorant, believe in myself and ended up screwing it in whatever I do, act like an asshole, yells like a jerk, complains like a telemarketer, and hates everything else including himself. Am turning gay due to housemates, acrophobia, shivers when meeting girls, have zero confidence in life, barely utter a single word if cofined alone with a girl, total bastard, neglects everything else, always not in control, naive, flamebaiter, airhead, <insert here>.

Well there’s always two ways and/or more at looking at a subject. Let’s assume that it’s a painting. Like hell everyone will know what the painter have in mind and wants to potray via the subject itself, and only the painter itself will know the secret till the end of his breath and the end of mankind. Unless mentioned, what other people can do is to guess.

Now if you’re looking at Mona Lisa for example, some might think that she’s smiling. Some says she’s not smiling, then somehow the painting is related to Da Vinci Code summore.

Just like in magic performance, there’s always top left right middle bottom angles to take care of. If you’re using tenkai and putting it chest level with your right hand of course you wouldn’t want the left idiots to see it (pun intended). But hell, if you do it properly, no one knows what to look for. (Afterall, you can always tilt to the far left lol).

So what started me is “What The Hell Happened To Sybil III” flourish. (Yeah what the hell I know). You started of with the SZ formation, then you break the bottom packet into two so that you can flip it over (you’re a genius if you can figure this out with text lol) So you’ll be seeing like *counts* 5 packets springing like a venus flytrap.

Go down 1 version, and WTHHTS2 will have Bad Habit, without the new packet cut in the start. Less 1 step.

Goes down further more, you’ll have the dull WTHHTS. SZ formation.

Ok I know I’m not making any sense here so let me try to make you think that it actually makes sense (does it not?) Erm let’s see, it’s up to you on how you look at it. IF you look at the overall picture, it might be complicated. If you look at the details, you’ll be blurred with thousands and thousands of facts in which might or might not relate to what you’re looking for. If you look at it and take it as it is, it is what it is (duh lolx).

So to me, sybil now looks like a sybil. Lol. It doesn’t matter wtf kind of weirdass sybil you’re doing (Jon’s one), or some dudes that follow Ellusionist flourishing vids (bashing tiem D:) it’s still a freaking sybil anyway. As if bystanders gonna say wow I see a difference of packet cutting compared to his *points far far away to another flourisher*. Most of it will go, “Oh looks nice and complicated” or maybe “I can’t do that, damn / I wish I can do that too”. Then off they go.

Tho it doesn’t stop me from learning WTHHTS3, interestingly it made me understand the fact that… sometimes in life we have to take everything as it is. Lol. In programming they have something called K.I.S.S. which is… Keep It Simple, Stupid. (Lol)

Then let me ask you a question now, what’s the first thing you have in mind when you see the first paragraph wayyyyyy up there?

Exchange present tense with past tense, and read it again. Does it make a difference?

Yes, you can make a difference.

..^   ^
.(! ! “).



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