Aku lapar saat ini. /_\

*runs out from the room to look for food*

*comes back in after eating a butter cake*

*going out for second round xD*

Ah… finally. =3

I’d waited 2 hours for the conversion only to find that it’s the FIRST PASS… another 2 hours for second pass wtffffff. >W<

*.mkv -> DVD… tedious sial. AVI can direct convert dy by Nero. = =

Tried studying, only get like 1% (I’m already like walao shit).


Ah well can enjoy after exams. Taiping~ maybe.

Doctor says I’m very close to overweight. Yes I look thin but I’m freaking heavy. Wtf rite.

So now I’m gonna take oats for breakfast and tea time I guess. When I go back to Semenyih oats 24/7 ady no need cook xD

Am using RSS Reader… pretty useful I think (esp. news readers, and wired have good shit lol).

Damn a lot to do, damn a lot to read, damn a lot to digest.

… and yet damn a lot of food cannot it, control food intake, and sports.

Can la can la sure can one.

Crossing my fingers on that.

Ah yeah I created my own 4 ace production routine… with D.Madison’s color change lol. Few basic sleights and cuts… can be improved =D

Now, something I came across:

Everything comes from nothing.
everything has a beginning and an end.
just appreciate every moment in your life.
be it single
be it couple
be it rich
be it poor

may u all find the happinest truth

Uguu~ From LYN.

A big difference between a natural and a stalker is stalker takes down details and try to think on how it works, but naturals look at the details and explain what is it all about and a hypothetical analysis. I was given the opportunity to see it working the other day before going back, and come to think of it, it’s pretty accurate. So yeah.

Don’t worry you won’t get what it means it’s meant to be dodgy lol.

Rapidshare is slowwwwww. But I manage to dl redcliff. Lol.

1 and a half hours more. I go read up a bit then sleep la leave it there la wth.

If girls have really really good friends that cares a lot for each other, why can’t guys be the same?

*ponder ponder*

Afterall, you win something, you lose something.

*shoots a card out from the deck*



2 Responses to “Gah”

  1. - c H i E n - Says:

    If guys have the same things as girls do, they wouldnt be called guys in the first place.

    Notice that we call our friends girlfriends too? Hahaha..You don’t hear guys calling their buddies, boyfriends? gay.

  2. natakaasd Says:

    LOL and LOL and LOL. But honestly, there are guys who do take concern of their male counterparts too. Maybe you haven’t met one yet.

    Oh and by the way, MKV -> DVD, Use ConvertXtoDVD. First Past is for Encoding the show, Maximum 1 hour 15 minutes. Second Pass is to Render the Title Page, Approx 15 to 30 minutes and Lastly Burning, which depends on your speed of your DVD-Burner.

    If you sum up the time used, it is almost the same as Nero converting AVI -> DVD.


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