Well it’s not Eureka 7 the anime (will watch it if I have time), it’s just that something just ke-ba-boom and there you have it atom bomb.

Anyway, down memory lane. I miss the fresh air here.

Instead of hating things, I think I started to accept for what they are.

After all, like the Chinese proverb says, ‘same people different life, same umbrella different handle’. Ok la a bit cacat-ed after direct translating it la. Lol.

Regardless, if this is all part of the plan, I’ll say… that’s one hell of a plan for me.

New Year Resolution xD

Beauty of card springs… it stops time. =)

Scaling really damn painful lor T_T


edit: Oh yeah. This is double kill. Norton with Gaming Edition? WTF?

and yeh check that video out… I was like… *speechless* *facepalm*


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