Ever heard of the footstep motivational poster’s story? I was in MC’s room talking bout Christianity back then, and I saw his newly bought poster, and read it, and indeed it’s motivational (DUH).

So, I would say, I freaking hope I’m walking on the correct pathway, ler.

What else can I do? Bungee jump ke?

Tomorrow, bloodtest, scalling.

Haircut on the way. I think.

STUDY. Fuck Jan’s exam.

As usual, I realise that no one understands me. Damn sad right. Even my parents also go wtf.


I’m walking on the stairs, making the first step.


edit — Oh yeah. If shit really happens, I’ll just take it as one of the lessons in life…………………


One Response to “Footsteps”

  1. thejuggernaut Says:

    Gambateh bro… and I will be on9 on monday @ 7pm your time.. (12 midnight mine)

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