I wish… it was…


all that easy

Now Playing — Limp Biskit – I Wish

First time to Pavillion. Was ohmygod-ing when I saw the white christmas tree. Lol.

Pix not with me, haven’t get them from roommie.

Anyway, so I’d been down to Bukit Bintang LRT Station before 2 years ago… (so that’s the station I’d been to with YY).

Gotta be composed. Well composed and steady.

Afterall, the purpose is to enjoy, make memories, and have fun.

That’s what it’s all about.

I suddenly remember Cikgu Latiff’s quote from P.Ramlee “Hidup susah, mati pun susah”.


I don’t care whatever they say about you… because… it is…

All About Us

All About Us

… that really matters.



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