That this is where we’ve come to
If you don’t want to
Then you don’t have to believe me

Now Playing — Fort Minor – Believe Me

Tsk tsk tsk.

Dell Technician (outsourced) changed my graphic card (Nvidia 8600M GT), and apparently it’s not built in card. Which means I can change mine to 8800GTX if I have the cash and find that card lol.

Changed my DVDRom too.

But still, I don’t know why, but, it’s like nothing much to me.

Cleaned the house besides my room because am not feeling well and dosed off on my bed till dinner time. Around there la, then went out.

Came back Left4dead finally finish teh last part that we missed = =

Then finished Call of Duty 4 single player… the ending is awesome.

*btw I’m typing with =| face*


They say “Music soothes the savage beast”. I hope so.

Now Playing — The Pianist – Grande Polonaise Brillante Proceder An Andante Spianato Op. 22 a

Reorganised my Desktop, changed the wallpaper, cut paste my files to ext drive.

Going back this weekend… damn fucking messed up la.


*heaves a sigh again*

I should just sleep la f’in forget about it la.


ave said:
sweet dreams 🙂 cant believe u divorced dota!

— lol…

Speaking of which…

So close… yet so…………………………………………………. far.


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