“Stay With Me, Stay With Me”


Now Playing — Utada Hikaru – Prisoner Of Love

Lol my blogging style never changes.

Poor Hui Joo. Hahaha.

She’s in UK, played around with MS Word to PDF converters for her and none worked, messed up her morning. Then I dunno why I tangan gatal then go message her and ask her how she is… so she asked me if I can do a conversion from Word Format to PDF (In which I already installed CutePDF Writer aeons ago for my ebooks xD) so I help her for her coursework… guess what it’s ADS lol.

Binary trees, AVL, etc, and their java files are like… wasai. Powderful. Ours? Start from scratch la. Not a bad idea tho cos theirs is so freaking complicated lol.

Then she’s like finally happy ady after submission. Hmm I do get it la… moments before submission time and everything just screws up… yeah… that ain’t something you want to deal with.

So I actually helped her lo ^^ Rofl.

Where’s KungYen? =OOOOOOOOO Nuuuu

Ok can’t really blog much now.

More like, don’t know how to put it in words too.

But one thing is for sure, life is interesting in a very weird way sometimes lol.

Mmm I need to rest really really tired now. I can’t think.



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