Now Ending — Lucky Star no Minna – Kumikyoku “Lucky Star Douga”

Yeap. By the time I finish this sentence, it ended nicely. Tadaa.

Jeevan I miss you!!! T_T Same goes to Kwangker the wanker. =P

Anyone ring some bells? Muhahaha [Anna I’m gonna kill you if you forget this skin >=( ]

My Blogskin

My Blogskin

So yeah I finally decided to call Dell Gold *goes check* ah Dell Gold Telephone Support Number (lol) after like a few weeks of BSODs and slowdowns in graphic card performance especially in 3D games like Call of Duty 4, Left 4 Dead (new game wee), etc. KNS even Left 4 Dead powered by Half Life 2 Engine also can lag in my laptop, what kind of situation is this man.

So I FINALLY took the initiative to shoot and call them. Lol. I checked the pamphlet and called the number stated (or else I’ll ended up calling the gold number for XPS users as I got it from a XPS user LOL) and the receptionist redirected me to home user’s queue [Despite the fact that it’s a business lappie…] so yeah.

Talked to her, lalala, dadada, explained what happened, blasted some terms inside, and voila technicians are coming over this Tuesday, gonna get my motherboard replaced, and most likely my DVDRom too.

=D New motherboard yay. Lol.

Actually I have so much more to update… lol.

Now Playing — Leona Lewis – Better In Time.

‘Secret’ sez — Your wish is my command. Better In Time? ‘Already good’ should be the case lol.
*read — internal joke among the ones who watch ‘secret’*

Oh I never knew I have this song in my lappie… wait a min. Ohh external punya. Lol. Reminded me of Standard 3. First crush xD

Now Playing — Celine Dion – My Heart Will Go On

Meh, so much for hating myself growing up in Kampar. Screwed up mentality, and will never change.

I don’t really blame the town… I blame the people who taint it.

If I were to put blame la lol.

Why bother *shrugs*

Yes Weroth don’t come chasing me with a butcher knife xD

I think I should watch ‘Secret’ again. Mmmm.

eXP. 1:56 AM 12/14/2008


2 Responses to “Sailorfuku~”

  1. weroth Says:

    Nay not me *secretly hands eXP a butcher knife with 999 ATK*

    To be honest, I felt a little too awkward to communicate with the gang. Different mentality perhaps?

  2. eXPeri3nc3 Says:

    Wassup brotha!!! *high 5* =D

    Yeah most likely la. You noticed it since the start. Sigh. *shrugs*

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