Ah yeah WP got new layout now. Damn cool wei *drools*

Now Playing — Nakajima Ai – Macross Frontier – What ’bout My Star at Formo

I’m giving myself a break for the weekend… been a rough week for me. Well what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, indeed. But that means you need to suffer la lolx.

Am down with blur, panda eyes, sniffing nose (even after I mop my room twice, vacumned, washed the curtains — what else you want me to do, sterilise my room?) sore throat and tired brain.

Well thanks-to-you-know-who it’s starting to make sense… bit by bit. Well, I should have differentiated it like aeons ago since way back in NS… we’re from different worlds… it’s NOT applicable even though it seems universal xD

*rubs nose* gah.

Ok la I go sleep la… I’ll put my commotions and emotions to bed lol.

Regardless, I suck when it comes to handcrafting… which is why only today I realise why my mum ranted for 19 years of my life that I suck at it and she have to help me with my work =X

Bahhhhhhhhh that’s why I use Photoshop don’t you seeeeee??? *Ok wait I know I suck at it too oh damnnn*

=( Damn sad innit.

*sneeze* omg

Bahhhh *rubs nose again *sniff*

It will get better in time… =).

Now Playing — 이루마 / Yiruma – Kiss The Rain


*oh yeah this is an interesting read — http://www.wired.com/techbiz/people/magazine/16-12/ff_kaminsky?currentPage=all


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