Posting with QuickPress now (something like quick post for forums lol).

Now Playing — OneRepublic – Say (All I Need)

Feel like looping this song like last time. Really last time.

Just a thought, the reverse polarity attracts whatever that’s the same and opposite. A.k.a same type but different attribute. Look at north and south polarity lol.


Yay reloop again.

I have yet to finish reading the secret files.

… and I finished what I made. Just waiting to give it to the rightful owner.

… and for god sake tumbles and falls is inevitable lol. Meh no easy road /_\

Well if what you says is really correct, and there’s a what-you-call-it ady ahh referee that agrees to that, which means that all these while the sublimial stuffs I’d been picking up is pretty devastating. Waa. Lolz.

In that manner it shows the power of what that cannot be seen with the eye… sometimes even the heart too.

Meh do they have a ritcher scale for that? xD

God oh Tuhanku, please let me know that you’re not fooling me for like 1 year plus ok? Kthxbai xDxD

Anyhow, this post is meaningless if you read it from top to bottom. =)



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