Kick-Ass Time


Well am just back from a hit in town amongst magician’s circle, “Lee Asher’s Magic Lecture” in Malaysia, Bangkok Jazz, KL.

So yeah my roomie is a staff, and I get to hang out with MG Team for the day that time, and somehow rather being me I’m lucky enough to have a private lunch with Lee Asher and Magic Mike, in which my fee is somehow rather less elevated =P

In the end, the whole thing turned out to be, more or less predictable, but yeah it’s quite fun being there. The staffs probably enjoyed the performance during dinner by Lee Asher himself, whereas I’m on a table with 3 ladies and a few other guys when Magic Mike performed. His tricks are… well quite easy if you know how it’s done, but the effect is there. Exposed angles (well we’re magicians so we know where to look XD), but it’s still awesome. The bill switching one got me O_O lol nice.

So yeah, Mr Lee signed my newly opened Ghost Deck (ebay ebay =P), 1 card signed for JN, then MMike and him signing their own favourite cards, 3 of Clubs (MMike), and 7 of Hearts (LA).

Man, LA’s sleights are awesome. Really. Looking at his Asher Twist from like 45cm away from the cards to my eyes (fuck yeah it’s THAT CLOSE PROXIMITY) and I can’t see shit. Lol. WTF. T_T

It’s that nice done by him T_T He flashed a bit whilst doing Thunderbird, but that 4 ace production is nice. The casino chips are the killer (for me). Witness!!!! I love that.

Also, I saw Tah Lun performing to him, then LA did Pulp Friction o_O||||||||||||||||||||||||||

The reverse spread is a major pain in the ass man. How the hell he’s so natural in it. Lolz. He’s good. He is.

Anyway you wouldn’t have thought that I’m in class blogging while others are presenting whatever they did for Week 1 and Week 2? XD Corny just called me and said he overslept. = =

Anyway, hopefully everything goes well for the rest of the day, so yeah, fingers crossed, wish me luck.

‘Eyes in the sky’, thanks!

Just be myself. =)



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  1. shon Says:

    hey .. remember me? found your blog =)

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