While silverhawk is spamming me with youtube videos (ya rly xD), I’m happy to announce that…

… my collision detection is working!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! T_____T

Which works just with a flip of the argument. WTF. Apakan.

It’s like: arrayElement == parsedElement instead of parsedElement == arrayElement.

Both may look the same but different results and meanings wtf… learned my lesson the hard way LOL.

Here’s a screenie of what I’d been doing for my G52ADS muahahha =P

G52ADS -- Traffic Light Simulation

G52ADS -- Traffic Light Simulation

Yeh, teh uber GUI I did like for 2 weeks for the fucking sake to integrate with the linkedlist (queue) just to find that I’d been moving NULL value car ref from the queue that’s why it’s not showing. Notice that the cars are no longer sticking as I manage to get the collision detection working muhaahha ^^V Beat that suckers.

*tired* well Cornelius came to find me to help with his code, I guided him and he’s like damn proud for the first time he can do that much in this period of time… hopefully he appreciates my help as others couldn’t give a fuck anyway.

I stand for friends… I hope I receive that in return as well.

It’s like 2AM now, I ate like 2 packs of instant noodles *finally I’m full XD* then they all are upstairs, Corny just left, so I’m here downstairs blogging. Gonna KO in bed real soon.

These few days really damn tiring lor… I’d been really drooling most of the time, that shows how tired I am.

Meh, still need to do the report, check with VPKallimani about the abstract thingy (idiot la why go change the interim report’s format wtf). I think G52GRP sure die already la. G52LSS no updates yet Brian didn’t send me anyhting (as usual). CoQ later la.

Bah bah black sheep~

Eyes in the sky said, “use the force” && “just don’t be indecisive” I’m like ok noted etched into my brain.


Tired *rubs face* nyaaaa =3

Meh no sports this week, tired, assignment rush. Bahhhhh. Meh for once I actually thank god for Dell’s 3 year long complete cover.

Now Playing — Caramell – Caramell Dansen (Speedy Mix)

Addictive sial. ❤ Mix FTW.

A screenshot of Hatsune Miku vid I got (Vocaloid).

Hatsune Miku~ OMGOMG Cuteeee 3

Hatsune Miku~ OMGOMG Cuteeee ❤

Someone actually animated the vocaloids wtf. Awesome.

*yawns* okeh time to KO.

Ok la just do it lol.

p/s — WTF a friend of mine twin sister got married… WTF. WTF WTF WTF WTF WTF WTF WTF.

But expected ady one la. sleep.gif *teh I-am-not-amused-face*

Meh I’m weird. Lol. Oh yah rubik’s does wonders. =D

*turns rubiks*



2 Responses to “^^”

  1. clarawan Says:

    hey ! i wanna add you into my blog’s reader list, you wanna read my blog? haha cause i’ll need your email (preferably gmail) then you can log in next time to read it. a bit me-mafan kan, sorry ah

  2. clarawan Says:

    eh hahaha i added already isit. then im asking the wrong person. ehehehe

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