What I’d Done


Now Playing — Linkin Park – What I’d Done (Freshly leeched from jiwa.fm testing out freezer v.14 but failed on imeem =( )

Super loud song wei I put my headphones already blasting. Oh sheesh hungry.

Dunno why ler today whole day blur. Sigh. Thank you Anna I’d been ranting quite a lot lately.

So I finally found a way to download songs from Imeem… muahahha like finally T_T

Patience is memang virtue. Memangggggg.

Ok la tomorrow wait for Corny to send me the minutes and stuff (as I’m blur now I can’t recall what I cocked and said in the last formal meeting wtf), do Java ADS programming while waiting for Sze Ker’s email seeing what he replies xD

Meanwhile I’ll be using some of my time watching that Under 21 convention I dl-ed and DDA’s vids… Gotta slap myself if I didn’t.

Apart from that here’s a non-related-to-blogpost SS:

I never knew he still remember my blog link... via google wtf

I never knew he still remember my blog link... via google wtf

Yeah man I miss StarCrafting with you while we Lan parteh that time, and asking you Haskell questions =((

“Guess you just can’t have the best for both worlds”.

Awesome!! It’s working ❤ *plays Imee Ooi’s Heart Sutra leeched from Imeem >D*

Quek says it’s some anime song lol wtf = =

“Sanskrit? Yeah I know sanskrit… Syurga, Narakka…” <- WTF LOL XDXDXD

(read — narakka – a local CoD4 private Server we’d been playing, and it means hell in Sanskrit)

Too bad Jon took the Yager away if not tonight I’m taking everything down to polish sparkling clean one. =(

Tak pa gonna get drunk with my proliferated heartbeats and Lipton Tea!

Another random thing I noticed from iGoogle: (from Dictionary.com widget)

amatory: expressing love

in which the link says:

amatory \AM-uh-tor-ee; -tohr-\, adjective:
of love; expressing love, especially sexual

The word love just revolves around eh…

Guess I’m just blur and tired that’s all. I haet being mindfucked when I can’t think straight.

exponential without the onential.

*edit — While I’m at it:

No matter how busy you may think you are, you must find time for reading, or surrender yourself to self-chosen ignorance. — Confucius


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