“There’s no sea between both lands”


That’s what Mystery implied in his speech.

Now Playing — Avril Lavigne – When You’re Gone (Stopped).

‘On your left, there’s AFC land’. ‘On your right, there’s PUA land’.

‘In the middle, you’re gonna drown and die’.

Which I find it quite true. There might be a term rAFC, but the real definition of the scope doesn’t exist.

Likewise, if you can swim, you’ll survive, if you can’t like me, I’ll drown and succumb under the seabed.

Well the bottom one clearly shows that I’m a nerd. ._. lolz.

Java Is Killing Me / Division by zero  9000

Java Is Killing Me / Division by zero > 9000

I just randomly out of the blue accessed Hackthissite.org whilst in class since it’s so damn boring and I almost fell asleep if it’s not for the music playing in my head. Saw that quote, can’t really remember the full sentence but it’s along ‘those’ lines where:

Nerds are not nerds until they do mundane repetitive tasks.

Shit I can’t remember and I find it pretty funny.

Ok the current word that explains the top 164 words is — mind**** mellow.gif
“the boy must die” — David DeAngelo
a.k.a when you see it you shat brix

Now Playing — Hirano Aya & Katou Emiri & Fukuhara Kaori & Endou Aya – Motteke! Sailor Fuku

I need lucky star T_T =((

‘Cheerpill’, it never fails I guess. *waits patiently for Quek to finish RA3 and take Lucky Star*



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