Pet Power: 1337



Pet Powah!!!

Pet Powah!!!

Just came back to my room, long day outside. Broke my personal record of staying outside till late at night during schooling days. Lol.

Anyway ADS is fucking shit after implementing the queues my code is practically screwed. Wasted my time coding that thing wtf. CoQ haven’t touch yet, then GRP haven’t send out email WTF. ISH.

Ok la I should stop ranting and spam their mails again I don’t care ady laaaaaaaaaaaaa

Now Playing — Busou Renkin – Hoshiakari

I can’t cheat myself anymore…

Today I lost my ear ring, so I borrowed (or she gave it to me now IDK lol) Huey Yi’s spare ear ring to put into mine. Gah my lucky star is lost wtf. Loose ady I guess. Sigh =((

Cognitive warmup appears to be slightly helpful. Gotta start doing it often already. =D

Like silverhawk says, screw routines. Lol. =S Ok la forget about it la.

To end the post, I made my first pancake today!! Lol.


Oh talk about coincidence — Now Playing — Santana Featuring Michelle Branch – The Game of Love

Summary of this post: Read — Fucking stressed but trying to enjoy every moment that’s worth spending.


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