My FaceBook Pet

My FaceBook Pet


It’s just so cute. ❤

Now Playing — Busou Renkin, “Hoshiakari”(Ending)

My 10 seconds ringtone.

Anyway, in short, reality bites, but it’s way more fun. Now I know why they say get your ass off the computer chair! =D

In which, I am lucky… to be able to experi3nc3 this. =)

In any way, girls are still awesome don’t you think? They can bitch they can whine but they still get the most attention and do all kinds of cool stuff in which we guys can’t do?

Well tell me if you can pull this off:

Grab your best friend / friend of the same sex’s hand and walk around in the supermarket without being glanced by ppl *wtf look* and saying that you’re gay. Girls can.

I mean isn’t it cool… lol.

Not a girl’s bootlicker,

“There is no price for awesome-ness”


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