Eh? O_O


WordPress loaded in 1 sec. WTF?? O_O

Ok that’s another miracle. Lol!

AIte. I know, I’m the universe’s on off button rofl. I swing both ways like the clock ticks.

Ok that sounded superficial, but hey, consider the fact that most scorpios besides Triple Scorpios can’t reach this state. Quote me on that.

*looks for another triple scorpio [waves]*

Now Playing — All Saints – Rock Steady

Some random song from my collection. Sounds cool, me likey. =3

Ok la let me blog this epic moment kay? Bear with me.

Admittedly I was emo-ing for no god damn reason (maybe a few, but I’m not sure myself XD as usual I’m lost), hell yeah, things got worse during dinner when I’m like ._. *turns sombre*

Tired too…

So went back home took a cold bath and I’m like gasping of air as normally I slowly make my body adapt to the cold water (read — not a frequent cold bath taker) so just direct contact from the top and I’m like *gasp for air* like ‘The Dead Crow’? Lol.

After that, I’m like super cold (my body heat tend to drop super fast whenever I take cold baths) so I was kind of calmed down. Then I’m like ‘why I feel kinda weird today’, then I remembered yesterday I glanced at the moon and it’s almost full moon… and mum called to ask me to preach my prayers (avid Buddhist) so yeah I’m like “Oh yeah hor I need to pray XD”

… and so I went downstairs under the fan folded my legs on the chair and started chanting with my handsfree on.

Then out of the blue, I have the sudden urge to go out and look at the sky (I do that quite often, but today is exceptional) so I stared at the sky from 11:20pm to 11:40pm +- then went back to my room. Anna was like aihs cannot sleep then I told her to look outside it’s a full moon then she say she saw that before it’s turned dark (ok stupid me I misinterpreted) and I actually did this:

[11/12/2008 11:48:43 PM] eXPeri3nc3 says: turned dark? O_O
[11/12/2008 11:48:44 PM] eXPeri3nc3 says: nuuu
[11/12/2008 11:48:49 PM] eXPeri3nc3 says: *runs downstairs and look again*

… and no joke I really ran downstairs unlock the doors and look again.

Well thank god I misinterpreted her message, in which her message actually meant:

[11/12/2008 11:49:12 PM] || anna says: lol!!!
[11/12/2008 11:49:21 PM] || anna says: yeah b4 it turned dark lo
[11/12/2008 11:49:35 PM] || anna says: oh i mean this evening
[11/12/2008 11:49:35 PM] || anna says: lol


But yeah so I went down and stared at the sky again. Messaged YC too.

Then after the exchange of a few sms-es I’m like wait a minute something is not right.

*looks properly with eyes like this -> O_O into the sky*

*notices the colorful display of colours around the moon*

*looks like an egg yolk surrounding the moon*

*that reminds me of those buddhist prayers thing where you have those flashing LED lights? lol*

*look closer, if you cut it into half horizontally… OMG*

*It’s a rainbow surrounding the moon!!!!!!!! omgomgomg!!111oneone*

… so yeah that happened. I’m like omgomgomg how rare is it wei to see that. Uber cool! ^^V

So I stoned under the moon (yeah the moon is directly above my house) for another 20 minutes or so and I noticed that the rainbow actually disappears then the brightness succumb into the darkness and the range is smaller compared to the peak. =3 Cool

Ah yeah I messaged Ruby happy birthday but no reply T_T Lol.

Well I can remember a line where I read it somewhere either from an essay book or internet I forgot, but it goes like this “best things in life you can always get it for free”. Indeed! Who needs to travel far far away, go to some places just to see something that is artificial? Just step out from your house and look into the sky! That’s the best gift from mother nature =D

Too bad there aren’t any stars around (I saw 3 but then disappeared lol — yeah I actually counted).

… and so after that I went upstairs again…

Story ends.

Lesson of the story — Be thankful for what you have, and cherish every single moment you think it’s worthwhile and don’t ever doubt about it. Miracles do happen (especially for me! =D =D)

Crafted with joy,



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