CoD4 T_T


2:52 AM 11/12/2008

Lol I on off damn fast la. Sigh.

So today woke up damn late, tired, and went for CoD4 in Narraka server, smooth now finally T_T

Lunch Caleb says taking in campus, and he replied so fucking late that I have to walk there = = tnz

Then at 1:30 pm it’s so full in SA that rice went out of stock, and I’m left with wantan mee. RM4.50 = =

Went to class, and stoned there. I never even do the last lab yet, then this week got lab ady. Sigh.

Nvm la that one can do with free time (if any).

Then coding was the major pain in the ass for the… err Java ADS thingy.

Random rotating ‘cars’… how cool is that lol.

So damn teh traffic lights it ain’t helping much regardless I was in the admin building looking at how it works xD

Gotta read up on timers ady.

Ah yeah.

Now Playing — Michael Learns To Rock – Take Me To Your Heart

*wipes off swt* hotttt~

So I just came back from a CoD session… so so la at least I know I improved lol. Still suck T_T

Ah well. I’m not a gamer. =S In which someone who says DotA is boring but ended up in CC playing DotA… eat back your own words.

I was kinda… stoned… then pessimistic. Lol. IDK ler… it happens lor… then it left with the stomach ache and a good bath lol.

You know, they say, “don’t blame the player, blame the game”? God damn true lor.

Anyway hopefully things will turn out well… or at least I will make it well. Yet, I’m still not sure myself.

AC. Where assholes and cocktalkers meet.

2:58 AM 11/12/2008

— edit — Ponytail + 8 = Power > 9000

No wonder la I like my teacher so much (Ms Sri) xD

Anyway she’s married so no hope for me dy T_T (pun intended). Well it’s interesting to know that she got married after… like what 8 years since her course started? IDK if the guy is the same course as her or not, but yeah that’s long. And I was asking her about some personal stuffs that day and got to know that “It’s not easy” <- lol that reply pwnz all.

So I told Michael Chung bout it lor then he asked me how I know her I replied “she’s my teacher la” deiiii damn obvious rite I studied foundation before = =||||

But she’s smart la. What to do. I stupid ma. Die lor like that lol.

I wish I were there to tie you up so that you would not runaway~


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