Yay page loaded


Lol WP…

Now Playing — Jim Brickman – Rucket To The Moon

Best piano song ever (ok la same goes to If We Fall In Love ok? =P)

These few days been hell of a rollercoaster ride. A lot of stuffs to do, planning, this and that.

I forgot what happened over the course of the past 3 days, but heck, I only remember some.

Monday G52ADS got coursework in GUI omg = =!!!!

Well G52IWS is swt as I didn’t even do anything. =S As in, for the lab. I was particularly stoning there trying to get Environmental Variables to work in Vista /_\ but hell yeah at least notepad++ worked fine now.

Finished CoQ ex4, but wonder why UK answers so different, gotta compare ady. Anyhow, ex05 is fucked up.

Just finished planning stuffs about G52GRP’s meeting (well I’m the project manager so more or less expected aih lol).

Feeding ducks, and walking in the rain, skipping anime meeting is fun.

Today after basketball is seriously tiring. I can feel it now. Baru saja kicked in.

Class at 9 tomorrow so I guess I better head to bed early lulz.

In which, something never changes, there’s shitloads of stuff to do, and hopefully I’ll still be alive after Jeevan and Kwang intoxicate me with liquor muhahhaahah = =

Aite, nites world.

Yes, Michelle you’re sweet =) Do email me if you think that I left out what I should post, or maybe something that you’re interested in.



How the hell I forget about this, Jeevan’s BMW got clamped when he went Uni… guess who called Azlan to clamp his car… LOL.

Well can’t post here.

Anyway, you know… lah.


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