I Hate When This Happens…


Now Playing — Kenny G – Careless Whisper (Ft. Brian Mcknight)

I’m never gonna dance again~


In Jon’s room under the fan never sweat a bit at all. = =

Damn comfortable despite the fact that his room is freaking dirty. = =

Randomly somehow browsed for G52MAL UK site and saw the freaking details… I feel sad and intimidated now.

It’s like… What exactly did we get from class? What did we exactly get from his personal site? (I don’t think that his site is even online now wtf).

Yes I can’t say who but Nottingham CS Students will know who he is.

I ain’t getting my ass into that trouble again, so spare me for not elaborating.

All in all, first class honors = ++++ >9000 effort.


Geez sleepy. Gotta sleep early I guess.

Now Playing — OneRepublic – Say (All I Need)


Yeah… say all I need.

BTW, sometimes it’s just not the case of being blur and not seeing the big picture…

It’s more like… knowing the consequences of each act and the outcome of it, and the chain effects.

Yeah sounded like a nuclear reaction innit?

Thinking too much lately. Mind****.

[1:26 AM 11/2/2008]


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