Blur Ady Lorrrrr


2:29 AM 11/1/2008

I should be sleeping. Why?

I blur blur go and terminate winamp but instead I terminated
wininit.exe and caused my Vista to puke BSOD (Blue screen of Death).

SO it’s either:

1. God doesn’t want that blog entry to be posted, only kept between
the people who know about it =P

2. Or I just need sleep

3. Or that shows the need of saving things in an interval just in case
that “shit happens” /_\ damnitttttttt

Sigh. Lol whatever lah. My fault anyway My winamp froze so I wanna
terminate winamp but got the wrong thing instead.

Must be the stoning monkey la (lol I put blame on it pulak heh) =P

Yes WP’s page is taking years to load = =!!


2:31 AM 11/1/2008

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