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Teriyaki Boyz!!!!

November 27, 2008


Now Playing — Teriyaki Boyz – Tokyo Drift (Fast & Furious)

Drift drift drift~


Alright, two assignments down. 2 Group assignments, major assignments summore. Bah.

*waits for the uoloading photos from hp cam to lappie*

My whole just gave me a black screen of death for a while and I just knock on it and it came back, suspect PCB problem =( *sob*

So I’ll edit the random pix later and post it. So yeah gonna do my G52LSS thingy later. Brian ain’t replying, so I shall assume what he told me, that’s about it. Rofl. Yeh tomorrow going down Ampang to stay in friend’s hse for a day then next day roll on to Bangkok Jazz to meet Lee Asher.

Which means I need to pack my clothes and stuffs later. Bahhhh. Lazy /_\

… and yeah Prison Break Season 4 kicks ass man. First 2 epi’s down ady a few more to go RAWR xD Addictive. I just love PB… keeps me going. It’s like a drug. Lol.

Who needs Heroes when you have PB muhahahaha XD




November 25, 2008

While silverhawk is spamming me with youtube videos (ya rly xD), I’m happy to announce that…

… my collision detection is working!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! T_____T

Which works just with a flip of the argument. WTF. Apakan.

It’s like: arrayElement == parsedElement instead of parsedElement == arrayElement.

Both may look the same but different results and meanings wtf… learned my lesson the hard way LOL.

Here’s a screenie of what I’d been doing for my G52ADS muahahha =P

G52ADS -- Traffic Light Simulation

G52ADS -- Traffic Light Simulation

Yeh, teh uber GUI I did like for 2 weeks for the fucking sake to integrate with the linkedlist (queue) just to find that I’d been moving NULL value car ref from the queue that’s why it’s not showing. Notice that the cars are no longer sticking as I manage to get the collision detection working muhaahha ^^V Beat that suckers.

*tired* well Cornelius came to find me to help with his code, I guided him and he’s like damn proud for the first time he can do that much in this period of time… hopefully he appreciates my help as others couldn’t give a fuck anyway.

I stand for friends… I hope I receive that in return as well.

It’s like 2AM now, I ate like 2 packs of instant noodles *finally I’m full XD* then they all are upstairs, Corny just left, so I’m here downstairs blogging. Gonna KO in bed real soon.

These few days really damn tiring lor… I’d been really drooling most of the time, that shows how tired I am.

Meh, still need to do the report, check with VPKallimani about the abstract thingy (idiot la why go change the interim report’s format wtf). I think G52GRP sure die already la. G52LSS no updates yet Brian didn’t send me anyhting (as usual). CoQ later la.

Bah bah black sheep~

Eyes in the sky said, “use the force” && “just don’t be indecisive” I’m like ok noted etched into my brain.


Tired *rubs face* nyaaaa =3

Meh no sports this week, tired, assignment rush. Bahhhhh. Meh for once I actually thank god for Dell’s 3 year long complete cover.

Now Playing — Caramell – Caramell Dansen (Speedy Mix)

Addictive sial. ❤ Mix FTW.

A screenshot of Hatsune Miku vid I got (Vocaloid).

Hatsune Miku~ OMGOMG Cuteeee 3

Hatsune Miku~ OMGOMG Cuteeee ❤

Someone actually animated the vocaloids wtf. Awesome.

*yawns* okeh time to KO.

Ok la just do it lol.

p/s — WTF a friend of mine twin sister got married… WTF. WTF WTF WTF WTF WTF WTF WTF.

But expected ady one la. sleep.gif *teh I-am-not-amused-face*

Meh I’m weird. Lol. Oh yah rubik’s does wonders. =D

*turns rubiks*

eXP. Is Down

November 23, 2008

…. temporarily till 3pm.

Last post I read — (screenshotted!)

… and yeah Jeev, maturity comes with experience. Muahahahah xD If you’re reading this, sorry dude I was sleeping when you send me whatever photo you want to send xD Too bad Skype got no auto accept meh. *rants(

Meh, no more tarps in LYN plzzz T_T

Meh, no more tarps in LYN plzzz T_T

Well… wonders happen from LYN. Mishaps too.

What should I ask for… =P

Living the hi-tech world as it is to the fullest. Meh, regardless of what that’s bound to or happened, thou shall not fret nor sought for solemness, instead be jovial that it happened.

“Walk the road, you will never know where the fairytale goes”
– eXP 1:06 PM 11/23/2008

Jay Chow As Always~

November 23, 2008

Meh, I’m not gay for him, just that I like his style in his songs despite the fact that so many ppl have hatred for his songs for some odd reason, like my mum.


Came across this video in my collection of random MVs from random ppl, I really don’t know where I got that from, my ext HDD casing came back so I’m clearing up my HDD for SPACE MUAHAHAH XD So stumbled upon that while I was looking around for what to move in my movies collection so yeah there you have it I present you Da Tou Tie by Jay Chow.

Can be found here: Click Here

I am curious about what it means for the song, so I googled up the name and got that from Jay (as usual haha).

Original Sauce: Here

hobielover: There’s no album with this song. It’s unreleased. The title refers to a picture taken in a photo booth. The lyrics are about Lara and Yuhao being called a “couple” by the paparazzi despite just being friends. Jay also uses the word “dog” to describe the paparazzi and their publications. In that way, it is similar to “Si Mian Chu Ge.” The lyrics are here.

Full credits to for the lyrics.

Pretty… awesome I would say. Only members can access, but I can save your time. *meh 2006 walao*



November 22, 2008

Yeah Ryan a.k.a. Manchoduck, finally got the chance to kenakan you ady >D muahhahahah xD

Now Playing — Fukuhara Kaori – Valentine Kiss (Lucky Star Ending Theme Collection – Aruhi no Karaoke Box)


Well obviously he made a mistake it should be UNDERCOVER but who cares it’s EPIC =P

Now Playing — Nickelback – Gotta Be Somebody

Chatting with ‘eyes in the sky’. Mmmmmm *shrugs*

Will update later I guess.

-note: vortex currently using my ‘abandoned’ crafted skin =P

eXP. 11:15 PM 11/22/2008

What I’d Done

November 21, 2008

Now Playing — Linkin Park – What I’d Done (Freshly leeched from testing out freezer v.14 but failed on imeem =( )

Super loud song wei I put my headphones already blasting. Oh sheesh hungry.

Dunno why ler today whole day blur. Sigh. Thank you Anna I’d been ranting quite a lot lately.


“There’s no sea between both lands”

November 20, 2008

That’s what Mystery implied in his speech.

Now Playing — Avril Lavigne – When You’re Gone (Stopped).


Opelation Phailed

November 19, 2008

It’s hot at night wtf. Limpeh pfhailed.
Me =  Extra Problems + Stress  – Time – Money – Chance


❤ Saber as always. Figma Saber!!!

Pancakes!! =D

November 18, 2008

Looks more like roti canai to me lol. T_T This is my first time making pancakes, same goes to YC. Tho most of the time I’m the one doing the cooking hahahaha =P

But it tastes good with the syrup hahaha. Well I’ll just eat it without any syrup (I’m quite hungry that time la lol ._.)

End Product -- After all of the hectic flippin and cooking lol

End Product -- After all of the hectic flippin' and cooking lol

Fish Pancake -- One of My Best Creation Ever =D

Fish Pancake -- One of My Best Creation Ever =D

The Official First Pancake That We Ever Made LOL

The Official First Pancake That We Ever Made LOL (The Best-est)

Well the fish pancake is nicer in real life. Hahahaha. Anyway I ate the pancake with a love sign (yeah I accidentally did it), and the broken-hearted pancake (I ate that too LOL) [Due to the fact that YC says that me and HY joined forces in a skirmish or something =( lol]

As usual, HY’s replies are most errr what you call expected lol. YC was kinda agitated but for me “it’s ok” lol. Michelle was like “I want pancakes!!” = =|||

Casuality List: Huey Yi’s microwaveable bowl. (Melted due to the fact of close contact with the pan =(( )

But yeah it’s an awesome evening. =))

Pet Power: 1337

November 18, 2008


Pet Powah!!!

Pet Powah!!!

Just came back to my room, long day outside. Broke my personal record of staying outside till late at night during schooling days. Lol.

Anyway ADS is fucking shit after implementing the queues my code is practically screwed. Wasted my time coding that thing wtf. CoQ haven’t touch yet, then GRP haven’t send out email WTF. ISH.

Ok la I should stop ranting and spam their mails again I don’t care ady laaaaaaaaaaaaa

Now Playing — Busou Renkin – Hoshiakari

I can’t cheat myself anymore…

Today I lost my ear ring, so I borrowed (or she gave it to me now IDK lol) Huey Yi’s spare ear ring to put into mine. Gah my lucky star is lost wtf. Loose ady I guess. Sigh =((

Cognitive warmup appears to be slightly helpful. Gotta start doing it often already. =D

Like silverhawk says, screw routines. Lol. =S Ok la forget about it la.

To end the post, I made my first pancake today!! Lol.


Oh talk about coincidence — Now Playing — Santana Featuring Michelle Branch – The Game of Love

Summary of this post: Read — Fucking stressed but trying to enjoy every moment that’s worth spending.