Queen of Hearts


9:52 PM 10/31/2008

Ah loading WordPress’s ‘write new post’ really takes damn long don’t know why = =

So might as well type in notepad first XD as usual la CS student mah practical a bit =P

*coughs* bleh =P

So this post is about a day before my birthday. It’s one of the best nights I would ever have for 19 years in my life and on my birthday itself is so… quiet… and… boring… and… not happening… and… with ducks… lol.


That’s about it.

Thanks for reading, thank you very much. Kthxbai


Don’t click here mah =P

Anyway I really enjoyed myself that day. Will never been able to forget it.

It’s like moments before the event I’m like kinda nervous on what will happen, what should I do, what should I react, this and that… kinda like stage freight (and part of it due to my misconception of Jusco Balakong and Jusco Cheras Selatan both of them are the SAME PLACE = = I’m like OHHHHH after I called Kwang up to clarify)

And yeah Kwang and Jeevan I want my bak kut teh! =D


Now Playing — Steven Curtis Chapman – We Will Dance

OMG my wordpress is still loading. Ah well.

Hmmm *looks at the timetable to recall*.

Woke up early, went to class, Michael Chung sick, so he came for the first hour and left. I went to the blue building, submitted my *I wanted to type Haskell wtf* CoQ script, and ate in Admin Building with Corny.

Attended the G52MAL class, kinda bored and have to start studying ady omg. T_T Text book ahhhhh

Skip to end of the class *plays*

So yeah I went out, called my dad (personal issues that he told me and I asked him to clarify xD Yeah only you know about it)

Then went to the basketball court and swt-ed… kinda long ‘secret practice’ 2 hours I’m flat meh no stamina ady. Run a bit only… I wonder how I last a 1 hour full half court game that time. I envy myself for being active, very very active last time… ah well =(

Never mind… lol.

Called Quek and by the time I reach home it’s already like… 6:30pm. No need to take a nap ady @_@

Directly took my bath, dressed up, and style my hair, this and that. Lol.

Yes I almost wore my full black suit, then I’m like my birthday leh *or at least coming soon lol* so I wore red instead… I tell you that’s pure intuition heh =P

So went down, look for the kiwi, and OMGOMGOMG it’s gone where the hell it disappeared to… then I’m like ._. my kiwi…

Lol no joke I ran up and down to look for it .___.|||||


Never mind, so Quek said goodbye first, so I’m left alone waiting under the fan.

When the time is near so I went outside locked everything and board the ride when she arrived.

Called Kwang that time to clarify the road, then I’m like “Ohhh Jusco Cheras Selatan issit” lol. @___@ Then I for sure know how to go la xD Been that quite a number of times already dei if I forget something is wrong (let’s forget the fact that I always sleep in the back seat hugging the mokonnas muahahhaha and I don’t have a need to remember the roads but I do la sometimes just in case like this time! =P)

Reached there safely… and walked around. Ate in some shop *omg forgot the name* Thai steamboat… your prawns are really sweet =P

What about mine? =P

So after our meal walked around, she found her stuff, and I bought a pink shirt (yes light pink = = but I trust her taste as in a girl’s taste in fashion so yeah) and went down to Secret Recipe.

“Sorry we’re closed”. Tapao only. Can take away only so we did.

Thank god there’s still ONE LAST SLICE of chocolate indulgance, one of the most favourable cakes by girls… not all tho. Lol.

Drove back to Nottingham Lake (yes thank you Quek!) and ate Tiramisu and Chocolate Indulgance. Nice… thanks for the treat. Tiramisu is a bit bitterish (coffee), and the cream is super fattening and sweet, while Chocolate Indulgance is just nice… *drools*

I opened my new Bicycle Deck, and performed to her face on. Hopefully you enjoyed it =))

And yes the atmosphere is almost nice but a bit too dark… even though it’s directly in front of the Administration Building and the clock tower… Lol.

Got my present at 11 and we thought that we’re heading back to Edu Square for a drink (chivas lolz) and in the end after 12 only we went back.

That’s as far as I can elaborate =P

Went to the dorm I’m like so impressed as it’s super huge and organised… really eye opener lol.

… and so I sat there in a room of at least 5~6 girls there, and yeah I tried a bit of chivas… due to my tiredness I started to stone a bit here and there, out of 5 tricks I screwed up one… Lol.

Never mind at least I performed due to request =S

It was fun in the end.

I thought of saying something before I alight from the car… but in the end I didn’t lol.

So yeah that’s about it.

Happy 19th birthday to me. =D



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