Masquerade Party (Wed)


So yeah. Organised by Chess. Good one there (the after party thingy =D)

Gonna type whatever I still have in mind.

So errr yeah.

Morning skipped GUI (woke up late), and then afternoon went back in campus for fun… do CoQ.

Went to the lab and the PhD Student Ling Wei is there and she doesn’t know that the class is canceled (Mr Chew forget to send an email to her), so we chatted, and get to know about her and her research, this and that, asked her about the CoQ answers thingy, found a loophole (not really as others found it as well xD) so then I went to her room and took her Year 3 (SELF TYPED AND COMPILED) notes. =D

Albert came in too and chatted a while. Then I rush to have a meeting with Brian and Ken.

After that I was busy planning for the activities that came later in the evening such as secret basketball training lol and then called Quek to fetch me for dinner at 6 as the party starts at 7:30 PM in Great Hall.

Met her housemates, her coursemate is so damn damn damn damn damn tall. @_@

… and apparently I’m taller than her. Maybe she’s slim that’s why I see her as tall. =S

Anyway had fun, sweated, went for dinner, rush back to take a bath and dressed up (Formal Suit, Full black slacks and shirt, Blazer, Gold Tie (from Quek), mask).

Pictures later after I get it from Quek.

*Just got a call from Quek that he says he’s going Putrajaya and get something from the library. So I wanted to follow BUT I have a meeting with Ruby Ramli for the career’s advisory thingy =S Damn screwed nuuu. T_T*

So yeah.

Dressed up nicely, went there.

Me and Quek

*lol from morning 1pm till 9pm*

So… me and quek are the only 2 that wore blazer to the hall.

The activities are quite boring… so I’m quite boring and stoned for a while. Followed Quek around, met a few foundation mates, and just walked around lo. Saw Anna there with her attire I’m like O_O wow nice hairstyle xD

Anyway I just waved to her and never walk close (partly I was shy and there’s like god knows how many girls surrounding her) so I just walked somewhere else.

So in the end after all of the activities ended, that’s when the fun starts. Quek looked at me, told me this, “Come, wear my mask, I dare you, go and perform to the girls there. Have fun. I dare you”.

I’m like “Dude wtf” and hesitated but in the end my true self somehow kicked in and I gave in >D

So I had fun. First I just grab Wina’s hand and pull her to me (well I know her well enough to do it and she’s a very nice girl anyway lol, and she knows I perform magic) so yeah did it on her and she’s like damn amazed lol =P (I myself was shocked to see her reaction lol).

Then, went outside for fresh air, and saw “Coffee Me or Tea” chick. I’m like using Quek and come out with something lame and performed to her. First I screwed up I miss by a bit wrong sleight. (Damnit~!) But I think it’s a good thing la as I used ‘pip appearing on my wrist’ muahahhaha she’s shocked. Lol.

Nevertheless it’s good to perform ❤ and who says I can’t touch her? XD

Then I went out and find Anna as she says never come and say hi and take photograph with me… (I’m so sorry =( ) so I directly call and find her after that and she haven’t have her dinner (I only know that today after calling her lol). So yeah just randomly took 1 picture and she left.

Which reminds me, Oit, send me the pic. Thanks. Lol.

Who else huh… I forgot. Hmmm. Ah some random malay dude in mamak, one of the friend’s friend that went to the TT Session lo.

I really freaked him out. He’s like omgomgomg how the hell did you do that *astonished face* and he’s really scared… I lol-ed out loud.

I thought I screwed it as wrong angling position, and yeah misdirection rocks babeh!

Performed some flourishes and yeah owned my part of the table. And killed my Bicycle = =

So Quek said get a new deck he pay half of the price.

Anyway really had fun that night. ;D

Chemical Engineering rocks xD

So yeah basically that’s about it. Muahhahaha.



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  1. Jeevan J Says:

    noooooooooooooooooooooooooo i wanted to goooooooooooooooooooo nooooooooooooo waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa … happy birthday damn late tho….

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