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What bout my star~~~~~~

Endou Aya!!!! Rofl.

Anyway, here’s a brief update.

Yesterday, due to the fact that I don’t want to be ‘imprisoned’ in Semenyih and YC went back so no basketball, I decided to follow my housemates to LYP. Somehow rather I bought a Philips SHP2700 and it’s sweet as I got it for RM75 when the original price or other stalls selling RM100+-. My casing is still on the way, hopefully everything’s alright, Uncle Bill talked to me about that and he says don’t worry about it sure can one.

Hopefully LA.

Later on met SoulRenderZ in real life, Quek’s Chindian friend, cool dude.

Went to Sungai Wang, and they bought their masks for the masquerade party, I just walked around. Well at least I saw Hacken Lee (HK artist) live there. Got a few picutures will be posting them tomorrow morning.

So yeah worth a visit I guess.

Was about to buy the G5 Logitech Gaming mouse when it comes with a Razor mousepad for FREE at RM189 (which is a very very good deal actually) and I think twice and I am not a gamer in a first place, I’m not rich, so scrape that.

Now Playing — Drew Barrymore & Hugh Grant – Way Back Into Love

It’s been a while. Yeah, it is.

So went to BTS for dinner, in Kenny Rogers. Supposedly KFC but SoulRenderZ says that he have been eating KFC for the past 2 days so we changed. I wanted Carls Jr as I never try it before xD but they are too lazy to walk to Pavillion damnit so nvm.

Got my chance to chat with SoulRenderz, and then got to know that he’s studying in UM CS (practical good shit there, but hard work indeed).

They even learn Prolog and LISP for AI subbranch wtf. Got CCNA summore. Walao.

We only learn Java in Notts. = =

So he took me around UM campus at night (thanks dude!) and get to enter the campus’s hugeass area and look around. Some buildings are bloody nice (spanking new), and very scattered and CS Faculty is bloody isolated on the hill (now I know why lol poor dude).

Then we arrived in Bangsar, Jon’s house, and I saw his ‘cousin’ ‘s house there too. Rich buggers la.

Left Jon’s house at around 12 something I reckon?

Arriving at Semenyih around 2am.

Went in campus to refill water and I tested my headphones till 5AM. O_O

Slept till this afternoon went for lunch and Quek is sick.

Came back we cleaned the whole house (well this time I never mop my room lazy just sweep and washed the toilet again).

Tiring, so took a nap, cannot take the effect.

Woke up went for dinner. Came back attempted on CoQ and manage to get some enlightenment (lol thanks indirectly heh) while chatting with various parties.

Later on stuck and stoned till now.

= =

Amane pm-ed me asking if I am attending the Lee Asher’s lecture or not, and he told me “Don’t miss it”. This dude is the one that brought me into magic (well because I begged him over in MSN when he’s in Melbourne webcam to teach me the basics and I picked up from thar in Tah Lun’s room that time xD) So yeah I respect him very much thanks to him indeed. Must follow his advice lol!

Practice practice… as usual. I think my fingers are coming back! =D

So yeah.


Sleep now, tired, wake up early perhaps, finish the crap CoQ.

Fan baby fan!

Gonna practice bottling effect heh =P

So yeah this Thursday it’s on! =D Damn happy to know it… really. Tho I wonder if Cornelius remembers the date this time… I doubt it. Ah well… can’t really request much anyway haha.

Which reminded me should I be following them down to Malacca today evening? I don’t think so la forget it la stick at home and do my stuffs better. Gah.

Guess in life, there’s just this one force that pushes you in front — ‘motivation’.

On the other hand, talk about inspiration —

Yoo Ye Eun is a 5 year old prodigy (as of 2008) in piano from South Korea. She was born blind and has never had any formal piano lesson, but can play songs just by listening to it once. She has been playing piano since the age of three, after listening to her mother sing. Since then, she has been “learning” songs by listening to music on the computer. Yoo Ye Eun is also an adoptee. She has performed with Britain’s Got Talent’s Connie Talbot in a South Korean TV show called “Star King”.

Source —

I can’t control my tears. I played o2jam before, and she sang and play “You was borned to be loved” I’m like shit la T_T Lol.

But yeah it’s damn hard to play with the piano. She’s just 5, and never learned on how to play the piano. Tell me if she’s not 1337 lolz.

She’s one of those millions and millions of miracle cases that should be remembered and learned from, strive forward whenever you can, never give up.

ON a less serious side but freaky part:

Got this from vincent chow’s blog — Sause –

Photographs of a giant spider eating a bird in an Australian garden have stunned wildlife experts.

Well go figure. Who says spiders can’t morph and eat humans? Think again. Lol!

Anyway, Jim Brickman is good shit. I mean good stuff. Lol.

Sleep tiem D:

eXP. [Count to 5 before I ask “What’s the count?!?”]


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