Obituary Report


Damn Quek didn’t wanna restart the router. RS is crawling slower than super nano-organisms.

  • Human nature. *shakes head* Human nature la… expected.
  • I tend to be a stereotype, but what gives?
  • Shattered, and dead.

My head is swinging right now. Must be the effect of sleeping at 5:30 AM. Stoning shat right thar.

Songs just sound emotional the way that they don’t appear to be emotional. Paradox #1.

The best things happen at the worst time you expect it to be. Paradox #2.

Humans are always in a state on denial when they don’t deny the fact that they are abnegating. Paradox #3.

I notice that Kwang’s house tend to attract those weird weird cynical fellas, all kinds of weird shit traits too. Even the dog shows it wth lol.

So I did it for fun that day when I re-arranged my table after sweeping and mopping my room when my roommate went back = = sigh. I’d been on cleaning mode this week I wonder why.

Yes, the two posters over there are nice. My rubiks is sexy too.

Yes, the two posters over there are nice. My rubiks is sexy too.

Fact #1 — Thank you silverhawk and others (milozz and mykc)

Fact #2 — Rubik’s is fun lol when you manage to complete it faster and break your own record.

Fact #3 — Stress is fatal. Tested, proven with case studies too.

Fact #4 — When it comes to opposite sex, there’s no single one in this world that is worth your trust.

Fact #5 — What goes around, comes around.

Fact #6 — It’s either a rising lift, or a downward spiral. Your call.

Fact #7 — Maths kills brain cells when you don’t have a strong base for it and your lecturer practically doesn’t know how to apply his kwowledge in teaching. (very true)

Fact #8 — Any photos with formal attire, or blazer = chick magnet.

Fact #9 — Trust me when I say that I am lucky. Rofl.

Fact #10 — When you know something, doesn’t mean that you can see it, and doesn’t mean that it wouldn’t happen.

Outstanding Fact #11 — Sheryl Nome starring May’n & Nakajima Megumi & Sakamoto Maaya – Macross Frontier – Nyan Nyan Service Medley is ownage, FTW, and addictive.

Hypothesis #1 — Sports soon, most likely.

Hypothesis #2 — Command and Conquer soon also.

Hypothesis #3 — Gotta write down agendas for the meeting and do a lot of before-hand planning.

3:38 AM 10/19/2008

Dr eXPeri3nc3
[Permanent Head Damage Ph.D in Cocktalking and Delusional State of Mind]


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