Moments To Midnight


Current Thoughts — Countdown.

I need a new fresh start! I demand for a clean wipe!!!

Yes the thunder just struck in front of me.@_@

… and yay or nay that I no longer appear in that place?

Started to like what I hate, and started to hate what I like. = = Paradox again.

… and yes I’m still stuck at the last Question for CoQ. Damn the proof assistant la. How to get rid of the damn q when it’s disjuction = = zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Maybe later come out with the G52GRP meeting agenda, find topics at night, read up on ADS on the book I borrowed (yes I actuallly borrowed books lol).

If only I can be exalted… mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

I just felt that, when you lose something, only you will appreciate it. Same goes to what you can’t buy (read — time).

Ahh. Guess one will just grow old day by day.

If only I can find someone that acts the same way as I do… lol. That would be kewl.

Which reminded me that I have to save money (no wonder that intuition came to me… now I know it MUST be for a reason lol).
BTW you know what’s freaky? When you’re in your dreams and you have a loli girlfriend 7 years old that thinks maturely like a 25 year old business woman but sounded so moe and girlish that she actually spills out random statements as if /b/ is part of her, and worse case scenario she just died. Lol.

Yeah I got that a few days ago. Didn’t post it up tho.

THe only scene I recall is, ok la it’s obscene so I can’t type out what she said so…

Ah yeah walking past a square fountain when you look into the ditch you can find pots and boxes of jewels sunk under it. Stunning right?

Sometimes it’s just too freaky to be true xD

On a side note, lower your expectations, and you can find something wonderful in everything you look at.

eXP. (I just remembered the UPX packer xD)

Limp Biskit — Rollin (Uncensored)


One Response to “Moments To Midnight”

  1. Lord Hashcake Says:

    when u gonna update??
    Yr blog is the only thing that makes me laugh/keeps me goin.
    Come bac soon, will ya?


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