One of the turmoils in life~


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Yeah thank you Weroth for uploading the whole KH folder to MegaUpload~ haha. That was ages ady. =P

Anyway, so what’s up?

I’ll be blogging about anything that’s “cool” (parody parody =P)

Icebreaking ceremony now begins… with… *drumroll* I switched off my alarm and fell back to sleep xD

Too tired ady. So I told Quek, nvm, go ahead, I’ll skip. Then my coursemate Cornelius called me and screw me up in the morning for FFK-ing him (I always say he ffk me one xD) so yeah I went there at around 10 hitchhike someone’s transport.

in GUI class it’s like so god damn boring man. I brought my rubiks there and kept playing + sms-ing with YC la lol. Brian was like damn fast in solving it for beginners. Really a genius tad. Corny on the other hand knows how to screw things up only = =||||

… and somehow I manage to know that she got diarrhea due to late night mamak lol. Bad luck.

So have to cancel the plan to Broga, and Quek called me for lunch I rejected it as I’m in class and thought of having alternative plans later = = So in the end when the class ended I scrambled my way to Edu Square (Pioneer’s accomodation which sucks the hell out of the students, as usual), and yeah the sun is so bloody hot that I’m drenched in perspiration the moment I got down from the bridge. (Lol I call it the lover’s bridge as it’s so romantic at night if you minus the niggers and drunken Indians over there la =P)

Ah, got the container, enquired bout her status (well she’s still alive and manage to move, so I assume she’s still ok), then I walked all the way back to TTS2. Took around 10 minutes, standard time. Yeah I was like it’s been a while since I last walked lol.

Went back and started to multitask, wash my clothes, and cook porridge for the sick =P

Yes probably (no, it is) my first time cooking for a girl. Lolz. I gave her my ‘first time’ xD (pun intended)

So yeah thank god I didn’t burn my pot (as usually last time when I do cook porridge, my pot burnt .___. and this time it’s fine and can remove the sediments (soft rice) from the base of the pot. Well generally cooking porridge is easy if you have a stainless steel pot, but mine’s a small one that I got from Tesco, and yeah it burns easily. So leaving it for 30mins plus without anyone taking care of the porridge = suicide.

Quek came back, and he’s like, porridge? Ah?

Well the same happened to CY when he saw me walking back home. Ah yeah damn Corny go and diss me as usual that bastard xD

So from what that seemed an eternity, porridge is done, and yeah I opened up my can of tuna (from a few months ago stocked in haha) and ate it. Memang diet meal.

All due to the bread la. Damn the bread. But when the porridge is done, only my stomach feels ok. .___. So I can actually ask someone to tapao for me while I’m cooking lol. But nvm la diet once in a while since I’m so fat T_T

So lesson learnt, no need put oil for the pot, just keep pouring water constantly to ensure the porridge doesn’t get burnt, put 100% of effort in cooking so that it turns out delicious (figuratively) and presentable. Well if any one of you actually watch those cooking movies or anime you would know about that, it goes without saying heh.

Not bad I level-ed up my porridge cooking mastery.

Then told Quek to drop me at Edu Square, and dropped her the porridge that I promised her, and walked to campus. Saw her housemate with braces and I’m like *stun* ooo braces xD

Damn I feel like wearing retainers 24/7. Makes me look sexier I guess? xD

Well I feel happy after giving her the porridge. Why? One might ask. The first thing that came to my mind, Malaysian Hospitality (MH) well the words used by MAS you know? (well I learned that during my vacation bhahahah xD) So yeah I was practicing that, and I know how sick it is to be sick and being taking care of is the best thing one could ever wished for during that period of torment (I would like to take this opportunity to thank Jeevan and Kwang for taking care of me over these 2 years =) Miss ya guys man (Jeevan more la since he’s in NZ lol) and yeah Kwang if you’re reading this don’t forget Bak Kut Teh the next time you come down okeh? xD)

So it’s more like counter-intuitive since I don’t usually do that? And I’m gonna rant like hell when I need to walk back to my house. Probably my primal instinct took over me today lol. I happily walked back even the second time I need to go back after my class ends at 5. I really turn back instead of taking the bus I went and walk all the way back home = =

Only god knows what a bowl of porridge can do to me =P

On a sidenote I wonder how’s Hui Joo and Kung Yen in UK campus. They must have a good time there. =S

Ah well.

As expected, I arrive at my house, sweating massively, and I calmed down for a while before going to sleep. Lol really flatten out ady. But nevertheless I feel fun after walking. Walking is good for health! (Yeah my mum told me to exercise = = coming soon on the way lol)

Went out for dinner, had a very full and good meal.

Came back, tried studying, but stoned most of the time, and ended up watching Bleach 190 after finishing the coursework for G52MC2 (I totally forgot about it and when I thought about Michael Chung then suddenly oh yeah hor assignment = =).

… and go complain to SNS for a lousy connection la =P

Damn hot. Sheesh.

Poor Anna. xD

Ah yeah I found a fault in the library system. Supposedly it shouldn’t happen, but like hell, it happens and I’m like why the hell is it like that.

Take note that if you login to with your Student ID and password, there might be a possibility that you get another person’s profile. Why is that so?

Say if you use 00999 as the login ID (for old students like me), and password (whatever it is default or not) and you will get your own profile. The wonderful thing about their system is, if you put 9999 and 9999 as the password (assuming that they never change it, I doubt if they even know how to /_\ ) so you will be presented with another person’s profile.

That’s what happened when I’m looking for Anna’s profile. I keep telling her, are you fooling me? Why the hell the profile says you’re a guy and stays in Cheras (or somewhere la I forgot) then after thinking for a while and tried logging into my profile then I know what’s happening.

I wonder should I ask Lotus Ong about it… maybe he forgot me for what I did? Nah that’s such a big case way back then (read — defamation). He knows who am I, maybe forgot how I look like?

Ah well I’ll drop him an email tomorrow >D

It’s late. I have lab at 9 zzz and it’s like 2:35 AM 10/16/2008 I should be sleeping.

Nites world. Melancholy part is, why should I keep a candy that is no longer sweet?

I should be taking aspartame then XD

The ever caring *coughs*,


4 Responses to “One of the turmoils in life~”

  1. Jeevan Jayaraman Says:

    haha bro… you are utmostly welcome…. 🙂 see you either this week or next

  2. Kolter Says:

    Hi, this is really nice post i like it so much
    thank very much

  3. Dysart Says:

    tesekkurler harika bir sey bu

  4. Ptomey Says:

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