… Is it just me or the line is fucked up tonight… ah well.

Anyway, just when I thought where and how my credit just leak out from my phone. Lol.

Go on, keep guessing.

Guess area coverage > telco cost. T_T

Damn hot.

Yeah, I downloaded ebooks, tried reading them, read the ADS notes, and I understand like 1%? Spammed Sze Ker’s email and see what he replies me. xD Emailed the rest of the group, and the Vietnamese guy is the first to reply. Talk about productivity indeed.

Lol ok Sue-Z (<– since when she used that LOL) is in London. I’m like mellow.gif *stun*


I’ll hit the sack.

These few days really funny. All kinds of weird shit, and learned quite a bit, a bit la lol.

Guess one just can’t hesitate to be counter-intuitive lolz.

Looking forward to bug err what you call someone that’s 5 mins walk away? *evil grin* >D

Mum called and asked me to exercise. = =|||

Ah well oh yeah they say badminton today, but then not much being said after class. So I think it’s off for the time being.

Meanwhile I actually took the initiative to walk and find Mr Michael Chung to ask him to be my group’s supervisor (screw what my group thinks, I don’t care as long as I get MC and get to do cryptography or some cool-but-god-forbid-tough shit lol).

He even promised to give us classes on Cryptography if we are doing that project. I’ll be on full blast for it.

Guess that’s all.

I hope you can bring a smile on my face… and that works vice versa most probably if it’s possible xD



*edit — “Birds and bees” by Pharmnotts. That really got me cracking lol xD xD xD


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