Now Playing — Veronicas – When It All Falls Apart

*coughs* yeah there’s still renmants of it >”< *coughs*

Ice can’t be avoided at times, tho I did try my best not to take anything cold or ice at the moment.

Talk about procrastinating and being lazy, today I actually took my time to unplug all of my external Samsung Pleomax keyboard and soak them into water to wash off the dust, and clean my keyboard! I broke two legs of some keys and the holder for the enter button but everything is still working well! Lol lucky me thank god *bows*

So yeah I have a dust-free looks-spanking-new keyboard for now la… later on sure come back with one bunch of dust. = =

… and I took my time trying to clear my hogged Desktop and re-organise some of my ‘another’ Desktop folder in Desktop itself (irony of life, ah) and ebooks. @_@ I really went @_@ lol.

Some might say that’s just not me. Lol. But yeah I’m actually just lazy muhahah =P

Anyway, today nothing much also lah.

Talk about those who went UK, I really envy that they can have a new wonderful and nice environment (positive thinking only assumption is made as is) so they can have a new study life. But then again even though you’re on mobility, paying in pounds isn’t cheap, and you WILL have a certain multiplier for your current stress level as you have to compete with the people there (regardless if they are pure idiots or not) and you cannot fail there. Get what I mean? xD

So sometimes it might be a blessing of not being able to go to UK at the first place. I know it is for me as if I really go UK, I won’t be able to study (talk about studying here is worse enough), and definitely I’ll screw up there. Food, lifestyle, friends (here we go again), studies and stuffs, I don’t think I can cope well there even though I can adapt to it pretty quickly at certain matters sometimes… the risk factor is too high. Well yeah life is about taking risks but I have another belief also taking the less risk makes you the winner.

Counter-intuitive, but it works. Lolz.

Oh first time I finish listening this song till the end. I’m shocked. Lol!

Now Playing (ended) — Hinder – Lips of an Angel

Ah yeah I watched DiamondDust Rebellion Bleach Movie 2 today! Damn super epic nice (for me la I appreciate Bleach unlike everyone else that diss until it’s worth like a penny) nice effects Kudos to Korean Company animation lol. Hyorinmaru…~ >D powerful.

I actually lol-ed at Zaraki Kenpachi when he lifted the bloody dragon-human-form-like-thingy up when it’s stepping on it. xD

But overall it’s better than the fillers (DUH) and series. IMHO.

Worth the watch at least lol.

I memang love Bleach one. Bite me, anti-bleachtards.

Damn I’m hungry now. =\

When you have a lubricated smooth moving but pops up easily rubik’s cube right… you will be happy and WTF at the same time. When it pops out especially. Grrr.

But hey, I feel like mastering it until I reach sub 20~40 at least xD (sub x means solving the rubik’s in x seconds).

Ahhhhh. What about cards? I’ll practice when I have the time or mood to grab on it xD

Well I notice all cubers are bloody smart fellas… I’m not smart. No wonder I solve it so damn slow >”< Damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

Let’s just hope that everything’s gonna be alright for the moment. Lol.

In life, we have to make a lot of assumptions… but question is are me making the correct one? 😉



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