3:23 AM 10/11/2008


Now Playing — Chris Brown – With You (Produced By Stargate)

I remember each line you sang.


Woke up, took a glass of milk, and went campus to find MC. Signed, handed it up. IWS that is. Okay deal. Daniel Su didn’t reply the email, so we’re screwed ATM.

Took the bus back to TTS2, and yes it’s tiring and I’m sweating like hell (usual stuff).

Lunch at 1 something when Quek fetched me out for food. The other 2 left.

Oh shi-

Now Playing — Drew Barrymore & Hugh Grant – Way Back Into Love

So me and Quek later cleaned the bottom part of the house. Basically the kitchen and the hall, I moved my stuffs up, and yeah the room is damn packed. Damn hot also.

Quek lubricated my DIY rubiks and they are now as smooth as ever. Damn fun. Tyvm for the WD-40. If it melts my core, so be it, I’ll either replace it or get a god damn new cube.

At night, chap fan at MinChong = cheap. Can save.

Then they LAN party, I chatted a bit first, then played this and that, CoD4 too.

Just ended from Quek’s experience in online gaming and the last few matches in CoD4.

… and yeah it’s demoralising to see everyone in offline / away.

… and yeah it’s sucky to keep seeing “Your mailbox has reached it’s size limit” for UNiM’s email.

… and yeah it sucks when you want to do work but you can’t do much / anything.

… and yeah it terribly sucks when you want to treat someone good but instead sacrificing your own?

Anna was like, want to go eat lunch or not? I say you try walking to TTS2 and see la then I go lunch with you at the mamak LOL xD


Yeah I’m sober.

Screw it man, I’m over and done with.

It would be best if you refrain to talk to me.

It would be better if you message me.

It would be good if you actually care.

AC. [Mindfuck — When you see this, you shit brix]
*a.k.a — read: 4chan slang*

3:30 AM 10/11/2008 [Highlight-ing this post]

Stuncock - Ya Rly

Stuncock - Ya Rly


2 Responses to “3:23 AM 10/11/2008”

  1. HeHome Says:

    Hows your neck now?

  2. eXPeri3nc3 Says:

    michelleb71 stop spamming my old posts pls = =

    and yeah it’s fine now thanks for your concern =)

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