Well, All I need~


is the air I breathe…

and a place to rest my head…

Now Playing — OneRepublic – Say (All I Need)

Ok la I know it’s boring to listen to the same song over and over again but I don’t know why my winamp screwed up and the playlist is gone again. Gonna switch to an alternative player for mandarin songs… maybe Foobar.


Tired man.

*rubs face*

First of all, first and foremost, the most important thing to talk about, UCPro a.k.a Blueserver Beta Server fucking sucks and licks my feet. Go die man. I actually have a 3 second delay AS USUAL even in my hometown (way back during the days of Blueserver v3). So in other words, fuck the new server, I ain’t playing, I rather a smooth connection than laggy with leavers also.

Second thing, well actually it’s more like a journal entry la. Lolz.

So this morning I woke up, was and IS emo-ing, due to the fact that Caleb’s laptop is looping Way Back Into Love. It’s either I have a bad burn in memory or it’s just pure annoying.

So me = bad mood, emo-ing and stones. Me go kacau miyakochan. Then she’s like you’re scary duwan talk to you ady I’m like =S

Then only I found out that she woke up at the wrong side of the bed apparently, well guessed as much but just not sure heh. Still, it’s scary wei. Rofl.

Anyway, called the Cycom fella, and he damned me with “you must call us within the first week”. Really wanna take parang and slash that fella ady.

So in the end (it’s actually a joke) so I asked miyako whether if she can teman me to err Lowyat Plaza since she’s bored after class (was msg-ing her in class) and she actually agreed. Normally I would opt for the reply “no thanks” or “never mind” and this one particularly cheered me up as:

1. It sucks to travel alone to KL esp. taking the KTM and Starline. I’d been taking it for like how long wei.
2. Anything happens, there’s still another person there for you (or at least there to get some help lol)

Then yeah I took my bath, dressed up, and waited for Quek for lunch. After that direct went to the zebra crossing when she msg-ed me “You ffk =(” then I’m like no I’m coming got some time constrains so currently at TTS5 (Quek’s dropping off that XPS dude).

Ah well, from what that seemed an eternity, we met up for the second time.

Boarded the bus, and chatted a bit till we reach Kajang.

Took the KTM to Bandar Tasek Selatan, and switched to Hang Tuah. I’m damn scared at BTS as I’m not sure if the exit is the same as I imagined for Hang Tuah, and yeah I’m on the other side of the line, normally I travel to Plaza Rakyat instead so practically I never stop at Hang Tuah before. =S

Regardless of the trips made by me and Cornelius that time, it’s to the other side of the town… basically means that I’m not used to Hang Tuah as much as I am in BTS. Gah.

Look at the map, and just bang only. Correct la it won’t go wrong if I can reach Hang Tuah lol.

Walked to Err yeah Times Square and took the bridge across (I took the first one which I mistakenly remembered it as the second one xD) but ah well it goes across the road anyway so no swt (wait I am sweating like hell lol).

Went up to Cycom, then got forwarded to the 4th floor BY MY OWN (WTF u suck Cycom staff whatever fucktard name you are) and toss the casing over for warranty. Need to wait 3 weeks wtf. Then summore he said “If it’s burnt there might be a possibility of the manufacturer rejecting your warranty” I’m like WTF stuncock there on the spot. O_O I direct reply (we talked in Canto btw) “I’m gonna take the casing and throw at that fella if warranty fails”.

So after that she’s like telling me nvm la warranty ady. Basically we walked around lor. Lol. Walk walk walk keep going down back to the first floor, took the side entrance we entered from and went to Times Square.

Pssst my first time going out with a girl. ._. *I know sounds damn paiseh lol*

In case you’re wondering, I didn’t count my ex in for that.

Ah, we walked around lor. We argued to find Giant in Times Square (I don’t think there’s any) and she’s like if there is you’re so dead. = =||| But at the end of the day we forgot about that later on lol.

Walked around, she got her stuff for her housemate when she told me how she troubled her housemate to take care of her during that incident, I’m like ohhh ok lor go get something for her and it turned out to be a portable AAA powered fan. Lol. Girls.

Walk a bit more, went to the third floor, went passed a shop where it offers feet massaging with fishes. Then she’s like eh got promotion RM15 only. I’m like oh ok. Looked around, stoned and keep walking (it’s me la lol) then after the curve we are like discussing wanna go try or not (well yeah in the end since we wanna try we went la lol).

Cleaned our feets in a designated place, and off we went to soak our feet amongst the fishes muahhahaha. Damn geli, I really cannot tahan, but later on adapted to it already. So yeah it’s fun. xD Quite fun.

Had a great time there. 30 minutes is short, but relaxing and fun. As we are like tired walking around and got our feets bitten / sucked by fishes which made tiny lil red spots on our feet, and yeah my feet was practically (=P using it instead of virtually, happy?) red. Ahh. I took this pic muahahah.

Ok maybe I better not post that la LOL. Lalala~

Anyway if I get the one she took I’ll be posting that.

Then I’m like jokingly said “Eh let’s climb up and tweak the clock, tadaa, 30 minutes left – -” lol. Fishies~

We continued walking around, looking around, stoning around for me (not much yet la), then I went into borders to check computer books one then saw manga and went there for one round, then directly went out without going to the second floor to check my Java books.

Walk around, and I went to the ATM as I noticed RM50 went out from my pocket out of nowhere. I’m like oh shi- after paying for the RM15 feet massage.


Then we are looking for food as it’s almost 6 and planned to catch the 9:30 PM bus (yeah thanks Brian) apparently my timetable is outdated and there’s no 10:30 PM bus back to campus I’m like wtf Gerard francis didn’t send out the latest timetable meh for the bus schedule tiuzzzzz. It’s a good thing she mentioned la, cos we will be back late and take the taxi back = =

Ate in Sushi King (I never try before, so I decided to give it a shot), and took the seafood set thingy. I hate the miso soup at first, made me lost my appetite. She finished faster than me then I’m like oh damn my appetite zzzzzz. But in the end I wiped it clean la and got used to the soup’s smell. Gah it sucks I’m keeping it for the last next time.

Yakult roxxor~~~~~~

… and yeah green tea is green in color without taste. GG.

But it’s worth a try la. Lol.

I paid everything first, and she paid me back later. Thought of like nvm la can treat one. Then she’s like giving me money so I take and respect her decision (I learned this from Marius Panzarella lol) and paid her back RM1 instead xD

Been chatting for quite a bit (I usually don’t chat that much when I travel around =O)

We left at around 7, and reached Kajang by 8. Surprisingly my accuracy in time estimation is like damn accurate today. Lol ada feel. =D But then I overestimated for the worse case scenario for the KTM if not we could catch the 9:30 PM bus instead of 8:30 PM one. But for me I’ll still come back early (in case if she had a curfew or stuffs to do, and bringing a girl around you need to care for her safety and stuff also, just in case la) so yeah. I did what I supposed to do as a guy la (FR — not bad la, but really need to read up alot LOL, and practice desu).

She’s quite scared at the KTM and commuter stations as she’s not used to taking those, and new to the place. When we are on the bus back she’s like saying eh ya hor I so easily trust people just go only if you bring me to some other place besides Hang Tuah how ah? = =|||| Then I directly told her dupicalz is actually asking me out also. Lol. Where got scared one nowadays anything happen direct spam in forum la~ =S

But that is if you are still alive to post LOL. Muahahhah >D

During the bus ride I actually met Raymond Brian Michael and one of his housemate. Raymond is like telling me about the random pick for my group project and I ended up with Brian, Seow, and Ken. Woots.

Talk about intuition muahhahah (I hoped and predicted that I would be with Brian)

Which means problem solved for group members, now to do the work itself. @_@

But today I had fun la travelling out. Thank you for spending your time accompanying me for the day.

Normally I think I would be back around 6 and catch Quek for dinner (Nottingham duck is delicious LOL)

Ah well.

Tho I opened my new deck of cards and did a fan while waiting for her in the washroom and I noticed that it’s either just me or the new card stocks are actually tougher when I do my fan it’s like waaaa fun fun fun.

Didn’t performed tho =( Ah wellz. I never practice also. =((

But yeah, girls can be bitches (I concur) and I’m not a bastard (even though I am). Paradox oh shi- we have a tiem bug here D: *read – 4chan slang*

Came back and then followed them out to Semenyih to pump petrol and Quek get the WD40 (supposedly it’s to lubricate rubiks but it will melt the core so I didn’t really try it out)

Then got to know the price to pay for the internet (yes officially broke need to start cooking already LOL) and yeah rested lurked around listening to Quek’s stories (about anime subs and stuffs)

Then tried the cibai server and lag like fucks. Blueserver = BullShit.

Antispike technology? My ass.

UCPro with 0 lag? Yea my ping is 33 and I delay 3 seconds. What about that?

… and I really condemn the launcher. Fucking ugly, and yeah it sucks. I’d been to CheatEngine forums and yeah that fella practically screwed Megablue for his bigtime stupidity in coding and bypassed the anti-hack engine in like 1 hour everytime he releases a new client patch? Big deal.

The better patches you make, the better crackers will get.

Ok brain shutting down ady.

Anyway, it’s fun! Whole day no class. Muahahaha. Cycom is fucked up sometimes. I rather trust myself from now on. = =

Yes Triple Scorpio is made out of gold and win. Muahhahaa. Like hell you can get guys with pure accurate intuitions. Lol bleh =P

… and who says Tickle’s ESP test is bullshit? =w

Alright. Good night world. Good luck to those who are having final exams in MMU, may the force be with you all desu.

Oyasuminasai desu.

*AH yeah I didn’t really spoke much when I’m back to Kajang as I’m quite stoned that time I dunno why it happens lol maybe I’m with a hot chick that’s why she’s so hot that I from a splat of clay turned into a rock LOL xDxD*

eXXie. Ahh. Reminds me of Sean Der and gang. I wonder how are they now.

AC. 2:47 AM 10/8/2008


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