For the lulz


Silverhawk says:
u is hardworking boy from good boy school
Silverhawk says:

He said this probably because I’m really a good boy but he’s not muahahaha xD

Anyway I’m damn lazy and lethargic la. Due to some reasons.



-edit desu-

~~~ Natakaasd: Life without misery, is knowledge without application. Misery with understanding, is Knowledge with Wisdom. ~~~ says:
noob is a noob is a noob always a noob

Lol direct quote no plagiarising =P

and I love you dude. Lol.

quote=natakaasd,Oct 8 2008, 11:26 PM
experi3nc3 used to be a Senior Trainee Analyst at TSF, so you don’t have to emphasize.



One Response to “For the lulz”

  1. Shenay Says:

    hey experience, thanks for the visit & tag

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