Food For Thought


Eating gardenia in ISCRA. Yeah really.

Stumbled across this, so might as well post it here.

So yeah.

I wonder where my class is. Hmmm. Almost missed the ride to campus.

It’s like I woke up at 8. Literally ‘woke up’. Then Caleb is like asking me something that now I can’t recall, and we’re like oh ok then he says have fun *drops back to sleep*. The same thing happened to me I just switched off my alarm and KO-ed on the spot.

Then I woke up at 8:30 and I’m like ~_~ geez went to the bathroom and wash up quickly.


Geez. Slept at 3 something after that post. I wonder how can I survive for later’s LAN party. Gah.

I just came to a realisation in life where status of a relationship is not necessarily that important anymore.

AC. (No, it’s not Achtung.)

*BTW, walking around campus with a pillow owns. Remembered the old days.


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