C`est La Vie?


Now Playing — Coldplay – Viva La Vida


*heaves a sigh*

Ah around 4am again. = =


Fuck it la.

I hear Jerusalem bells are ringing
Roman Cavalry choirs are singing
Be my mirror my sword and shield
My missionaries in a foreign field
For some reason I can not explain
I know Saint Peter won’t call my name
Never an honest word
And that was when I ruled the world


I feel like polishing a bottle of sobreirity water. Lol if you get what that means =P

Gahhhhhhhhhh 2 assignments, stress pilled up, wonder what happens to the group names, met new people today from CS Year 2 also, gonna start make friends with that Viet guy cos he borrowed some books nyahahaha *rubs palms* and he’s in AMS. Woots.

Yeah I jaga the god damn boring booth today, and I wore a new shirt for that. Epicness. = = Red color lol.

Tho I really look like a new student due to the fact that I actually TUCK in my shirt and look neat. Muahahah. = = I’m not hanging a nametag tho. Damn.

Expect the unexpected, and the unexpected will expect the expected.

Yesterday is a living proof. I actually bumped into Anna whilst taking care of the booth. Apakan how random was that. Tho we are like stoning on contact la. = =

As usual la it happens LOL.

Then someone called Caleb and then talked to me via the phone. ._.||| Unexpected call. Ya know.


Gotta call up the Cycom fella and see how it goes for my exchange. God damn it Cornelius’s Mercedes Benz A Class died at the wrong day fuck. No car to LYP = GG epicness with KTM trains and exchanging lanes. Gah the jam, the schedule. Just… plain irritating at times.

There might be a new vortex, I’ll create one. It’s either lapse, or vortex. *hint hint*

There’s like hideout and corner ady what. LOL.

Ah dupicalz actually PM-ed me to meetup in Kajang. Utterly shocked. Well that day she went Mambang Diawan (her hometown) and I’m like stun there give me a call or msg I go find you then she say she went Tesco Kampar. APAKAN I stay opposite the Tesco. My housing estate. APAKAN. = =||

But yeah la sure got other chances one la heh.

… and CoABH gath gone down to the drain currently no planning and so forth. Gah.

Assignments really freaks the soul out of me. From what the senior told us to focus on this and that, waa. Kinda headache, sounded stress, and nightless of sleep, communication between members, task separation. God.

You have no idea how sober and clear I was during that period of time. Talk about paradox. = =

So at once in University life, I actually knew where it’s heading to, like FINALLY?

Now I understand by what they mean keep yourself busy. The answer is YOU HAVE TO.

= =

Ah well. Shutdown first la not enough sleep for continuous few days.

Nites world desu.

… and yeah, if my blue highlight can last for 1 month, that’s gonna be the best investment rofl xDDDD

AC. 3:53 AM 10/7/2008


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