Now Playing — Coldplay – Viva La Vida

Blogging in the dark, alone in the room.

Freedom for the whole room!

Ah I should be sleeping.

I hereby announce that I’m banning CoD4 from my lappie after 12am. = =|||

The same thing that happened to her happened to her also. *points forefinger to forefinger*

Anyway I should really be sleeping. Class at 9 wtf.


CoABH gath when? On the way I hope.

Banning dota after 12 also. Max 1 game.

Ban GArena after 12.

Unban skype and MSN.

Unlock SMS limit message =P

Unlock ‘flirty’ mode.

Unlock ‘sleeping’ mode.

BTW listening to a radio is a good thing, you get occasional laughter, and nice songs… tho some really repeating la. Like Jason Miraz I’m Yours, Burning Up by Jonas Brothers, etc.

Kwang’s old radio FTW! My w850i radio FTW!

Yay. =3

Well 2 uncles asked me how to go to the asteroid Broga Temple today. First uncle thought that I’m the BOSS for Forest Bar lolwut. Yay. But then he’s fucking rude la. Tulan sials. Don’t care.

Second one damn polite, so I never hesitate no more no more “if cannot wait I’m sure there’s no need to complicate our time is short this is our fate I’m yours”~ ok I sang lol. xD Err so I told him lor. Properly, detailed. =D

I’m a helpful guy ain’t it? Any girls willing to help a helpful guy by telling him, no online games, go study or chat with me? =D

Rofl. Maybe I found it. Muahahha. = =


AC. 3:56 AM 10/6/2008


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