12:18 PM


12:19 PM 10/4/2008

Now Playing — Leona Lewis – Better In Time

Current Verse –

Thought I couldn’t live without you
It’s gonna hurt when it heals too
It’ll all get better in time
And even though I really love you
I’m gonna smile cause I deserve to
It’ll all get better in time

Saw the lyrics only I know what it really means lol. Can’t really hear anything on the first repeat. @_@

Gah, so I’m heading back. Yes desu.

University Life — Assignments (yes there’s 2), Homework, Revision (Oh noes Java), Sleep early (yes Kalib sleeping early), Bus Tickets (Damn SA = =).

Now Playing – Muse – Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

*rubs face*

I never knew I could wake up at 12. Damn tired! T_T


I haet haet haet bus rides >_>

When it’s like 2 hours~3 hours to KL, 1 hour from KL to Kajang, another 30~45mins back to Semenyih, and all of them excludes the possibility of missing any trips, delays, timefreeze, time lapse, time plane crash, Haruhi taking over the world, Pikachu zapping everyone in the Nottingham forest, CoD4 Real Life version, Divine Rapier being found in Broga Road, etc.

*sips on water*

I wonder who’s on your mind now. Hee.

Now Playing — Shiro Sagisu – Battle Ignition (Bleach OST)

Yeah baby, nice bass. Nuuuuu *the sound senget-ed T_T* Lousy speakers kyahhaahhaha xD

WAS editing Dearly Beloved as my new msg tone… then when I send it to my hp via Bluetooth (I lazy use cable), it’s like plak plak plak (meaning: sound quality not nice) after boosting the volume. I T_T and tulan direct use back what’s inside, used Busou Renkin’s first 10 secs (well just put that song lor settle desu~). Muhahaha.

Then in the end after editing Say (All I Need) ^^ [haha used it as ringtone tho for a contact] only I found out that it’s 128kpbs. That’s why it’s lousy for Dearly Beloved. NO SAVING SPACE for GOOD QUALITY MSG TONE. I shall remember that *mental notes*.

*Fate/Stay Night!!!!! Randomness rawr*

So current settings:
Ringtone: General — If We Fall In Love – Yeng Constantino
Message Tone (You can’t set shit for contacts damnit T_T) — Busou Renkin Ending OST


Hopefully it’s loud enough to capture my attention like my previous 1 year all time fave’ Hiragi Kagami – I’m Sorry. Keep gomennasai all teh way everyday.

*skips one of the birthday songs*

Which reminded me… Gonna turn old again. Gah.

Wee winamp hangs on some stupid *.wma when they acquire license. Gonna PURGE them off later. No space! Wanna download the Opening and Ending of Olympic also no space now due to the death of my stupid Ext HDD Casing T_T

Yes my blue faded after 1 wash. APAKAN. GG.

I love Brunei Room. Can own there, I host ppl super smooth. Kyaahahaha. = =

Definitely my new hideout place. Can’t find me in MSN, go skype. No skype, go GArena. Muahhaha.

Awh zzz really hang. = =|||

Now Playing — Utada Hikaru – Hikari

Utada Hikaru~~~~ ❤

If only Hikari is my ringtone… *drools*

Everything’s changed… so far not all la. If it’s a full refurbish I don’t mind it at all. =D

I’m not the only ONE changing tho, so it’s OK I guess. The world is rotating anyway. Lol.

Maybe I should take Kwang’s footsteps in MSN… mmmmmmmmmm.

A lot of e-books to read when I’m free now!

Psst, thank god I didn’t crap about the gathering that day. Somehow rather out of boredom kikipi googled and found that post. @__@ Kyaaaaa >w<

OMG I still haven’t finish The Game. Crap. *facepalm*

But then e-books really @_@ WHEN you try to READ them. Damn hard. As they say conventional books are still more practical. Gah. It’s free so what do I care xD


I can’t believe I am playing this song xD

Now Playing — Jay Chou Zhou Jie Lun – Ai Wo Bie Zou

Ah yeah. Jay’s new album ok ok nia. Still prefer his old songs. =(

I want my new Linkin Park album in my HDD damnit.


Kristy loves OpenOffice. = = I’m not using it anymoar damn hard to use. Gahhhh. Office 07 here I cu.. come later. *rolls eyes*

Ooh one of the sentimental EMO songs I love that time:

Now Playing — Lene Marlin – A Place Nearby

Let me search for the lyrics:

Heaven is a place nearby
So I won’t be so far away.
And if you try and look for me
Maybe you’ll find me someday.
Heaven is a place nearby
So there’s no need to say goodbye
I wanna ask you not to cry
I’ll always be by your side.

Epic gg awesomeness. X-X

I think I’m awake after blogging for so long. XD

Guess this shall be it. Haha. No point dragging FOR SO LONG.

Tata, chiaozu.

AC. 12:50 PM 10/4/2008


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